Sunday, May 27, 2012

I seem to have misplaced my TRS rating.

Oh, bother.  I can't seem to find it anywhere.  Oh,'s because people don't read item descriptions and then they give you crummy ratings instead of contacting you when they're dissatisfied. 

So, I'm not a TRS anymore.  Which is lame.  You can only have a .50% rating in "item not as described" and due to an unfortunate string of jerks, mine is at a .53%.  Hopefully I'll be back in the running next time.

A couple weeks ago, eBay ran a listing promotion.  I think it was during May 10-13 you could list auction style free.  So I did.  I listed about 20 auctions, which is the most I've done since last summer.  It was pretty dang successful.  Screw sales, if something's sitting in my store that I'm itching to get rid of, I'm gonna put that sucker up for auction.  You may get a little lower than what you really wanted for it, but auctions sell stuff, and I've actually made more than what I was asking for BIN on several items.  Suckers. 

The best thing is, out of all my sales that I had with auctions, I only had to open one unpaid item case and they paid the next day!  I'm sure that'll never happen again.

It's been a long time since I've posted!  We've been moving and with school coming to a close (thank God), it's been a busy time around these parts.  However, I am now in full "I have to have enough money to pay for vacation" panic mode, so there will be more eBay related stuff happening now. 

I've got a list of BOLOs I want to talk about and I want to show you my new eBay room, but we've got to go grocery shopping, so I'll be discussing that next week.  I hope everyone is having excellent sales!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I am exhausted.  We are trying to paint every room in our new house and the baby's been sick, so this week has been a big struggle.  We move all the furniture on Saturday.  My new house resolution is to be super organized and totally clean and awesome.  We'll see how long that lasts.  My eBay room is looking good though.  It's a nice gray color and Tyler's going to put up lots of shelving for me.  I'm also going to break down and order some mannequins.  I am totally loathe to pay $18.00 in shipping for plastic torsos, but with the amounts of dresses and things I've been buying, it would be stupid not to.

Speaking of dresses, I finally got rid of a gorgeous Ann Taylor dress on Monday, only to have the buyer tell me "it's lovely, but doesn't work" for her.  She's sending it back, so that's $40.00 I get to refund.  Hooray.  If it weren't a size 4, I would just keep it.

I've had no chance to thrift or list this week and my store is the emptiest it's been in a long time (145 items). 

One exciting thing this week (you know, other than closing on our first house), is that I paid the first half of our vacation rental for Tybee!  I am really hoping I can pull this out!