Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So our vacation is just two weeks away! This makes me happy and also really crazy inside because eBay is being a punk. I was doing ok until I realized how much my monthly fees were this month. I'm embarassed to even say. It was a lot. I got hooked on doing auctions there for a couple of weeks and without my friggin TRS was a lot. So it was a major setback.

Yard sales have been terrible. We didn't get to go last week because we had to take Addy to the ER Friday night around 12. We didn't get home until 6:30 the next morning! They ran a gamut of tests on her to figure out what was causing her mystery fever and turns out she had mild pneumonia! The poor angel is feeling better, now, though!

Thrifting has been slow, too. I don't want to use my PayPal card for anything because I know sales are so slow...but then I know if I don't buy stuff, my sales will be it's like a Catch-22. And I'm buying all the wrong stuff! I've read Chico's is a great brand to sell and I found a ton of Chico's stuff suddenly a few weeks ago...nada. I mean, I've got Polo stuff up, Steve Madden, Le Creuset and NOTHING (all priced competitively, btw). It sucks.

So I'm restless and impatient and bummed. How's your week?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Which Our Addy Helps

Don't you hate it when you don't have anything in your store you're super excited about?  That's how my week has been.  Nothing really Earth-shattering going on, several unpaid auctions and mediocre sales.  I just don't have anything listed that has me excited!  But, yard sales have been sub-par the past couple of weeks. 

I'm venturing out with our Addy tomorrow to hit a few that are close by that promise to have "too much to list!!!" so we'll see about that.

On the vacation front, I have officially paid for our condo!  Now I'm totally freaking out because I have about a month to make our gas and spending money.  I mean, Tybee's an eight hour drive and our Trip Car is a gas-sucking Jeep Liberty (the Subaru, while better on gas, is not to be trusted).

While my sales have been low-dollar, they have been fairly plentiful and I'm making daily trips to the post office.  It has been during these busy couple of weeks that I've realized how much I hate packing things in boxes.  I'm happy as can be to shove a shirt in a bubble mailer and be on my way, but boxes totally suck.  I guess I'm getting lazy.  Ok, not lazy.  Busier in other areas of life.  Addy has absolutely run me ragged this week, but I'm not complaining, just stating a fact.  She is such a little ball of energy and I would rather spend my time with her than trying to figure out how to fit a planter in a box that's three centimeters too small for it.  Here's her helping me pack stuff:

I didn't take a picture of her upending my huge bag of packing peanuts because I was too busy trying to keep her from pressing my printer's on/off button for the 500th time.

She's a silly goose.

I think I would actually take a break from eBay for awhile if it wasn't for having to cough up vacation dough.  Of course, now that I've shelled out approximately $1200 for our condo, which is nonrefundable unless they rent it out to someone else, I have to keep going.  Plus, Tyler and I got married on Tybee and Addy hasn't been to the beach yet, so if it doesn't happen, I'll feel like the worst mommy ever.

No pressure.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mrs Cake

I changed the name of my store to Mrs Cake's Closet.  Mrs Cake is a minor character in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series and she's hilarious and awesome.  If you've never read a Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett, you really should.  He's a funny, funny man. 

So now that I'm Mrs Cake (there's no period after Mrs on purpose.  I know my grammar thankyouverymuch), I've obviously stopped trying to actively hunt down books.  They take up too much space and unless you have hundreds, there's no money to be made that I'm seeing.  I'm still going to give them a good looking-over wherever I go, but not in the desperate, sweaty way I had been. 

Also, here's my new eBay room:
 My walls are gray.  I thought this would be a good neutral color for pictures.  It works great for most, but light colored clothing does not show up so well.  I'll need to do something about that at some point.  That giant blob on the right is a bag of packing peanuts because peanuts are the best.
High tech printing station with #5 bubble mailers.  My philosophy has become "If it don't fit in a bubble-mailer, it probably ain't worth trying to ship."  Tyler really needs to sand and paint that dry wall patch.
Here's where the magic happens.  My desk is a 50's metal kitchen table with roses.  I got it at an antique store about 6 years ago and it was my Very First Purchase for any house I might live in.  While Tyler has tried, I'm pretty much never getting rid of it.
Let's all say it together: "hot mess"!  That's why closets have doors.

The fourth wall is blank with a hook stuck to it for picture-taking.  Very exciting.

Now for a BOLO flash:  Anything linen!  That is all.