Thursday, January 26, 2012

If it's not one thing...

I sold five things yeterday! (well, six but one was a book I listed on in July and sold about three months ago on eBay...whoops). So I feel ok. Just have to keep this momentum going. I've got a 10% off sale going and I've changed my shipping to "free" on several things, which I think helped yesterday (Thanks, Kim!).

And now baby has pink eye. Apparently the daycare we take her to is, according to our doctor, the current "Pink Eye Capitol of the World". One more reason I need to quit my job and stay home with her, right? I did get to stay home with her today, though!

I'll post some pics and prices of the stuff I've sold tonight. I can't type much because even though she can sleep through our dogs barking, she starts hollering the minute I start to write a post.

Thanks again for everyone's support! You guys are awesome! I was thinking yesterday how nice it is to have a support system on the blogosphere, especially when your friends and family think your "eBay habit" is nuts.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012



Of course, having zero sales on eBay sucks. But last night I realized what made it suck SO HARD. I'll be perfectly upfront with you, because I doubt that any school administrators or students are going to read this. I do not like my job.

I do not like my job A LOT.

Teaching middle school is soul-sucking. Sure, there are great kids who are super and you love them and wish you could just clone them, but in my very low-income district, more often than not, you've got kids who don't care. They're just going to follow in their sorry parent's footsteps, so why do they have to know how to balance a chemical equation? It doesn't matter to them. Now, I try to make it matter. I try to make it interesting and applicable, but that only takes me so far.

So, last night as I was dreading going to work today and crying on Tyler's shoulder (literally), it hit me.

I read so many blogs where people are making my montly salary AND MORE on eBay/etsy/wherever. I want to be there. I want to do that. Granted, inventory and knowledge-wise, I'm nowhere near there yet, but I want it to at least seem like a possiblity. When I'm having a no-sale extravaganza, it upsets me as on an "oh, man, this sucks" level, but it's also upsetting me on an "OH MY GOD I NEED THIS TO WORK SO I DON'T HAVE TO TEACH FOREVER" level.

I know this year has also been worse because I have a totally gorgeous, growing-up-fast baby girl who is the complete light of my life who I have to leave behind every day to go do something I don't even want to do in the first place.

Love this baby to bits!

Of course, now with all the changes eBay is planning, who knows if this hope of mine is even feasible?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Sales Total!


I'm seconds away from burning all my inventory in the backyard.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

...more like Storage Skirmish.

So, it was raining like crazy, but Tyler and I dropped the baby off at his parent's house and decided to brave the storage auction with $50.00 in our pockets, thinking that it wouldn't be very busy. We were wrong.

There were a lot of people there, and every person had a humongous umbrella. Some of us tried to band together to make one big umbrella tent, but that quickly fell apart and everyone just ended up poking everyone else.

I tried to scope out the folks there and see if I saw anyone who fit the personalities of the people on the show. Not really. There was "guy in Carhart that smokes Pall Malls", "Guy in Carhart that smokes Winstons", "60 year old woman and man in camo who wouldn't stop feeling each other up", and "three morons who keep yelling 'YUUUP'". Along with about 50 others.

The guy who owned the storage units was conducting the auction and was fussing at people to hurry up and look at the units or else "we'll be here all day!". Which I thought was kind of rude. The first locker had some storage containers and trash bags. Only a few people bid and it went for $80.00.

We were all herded like wet cattle to the next unit which literally had an old desk, some empty malt liquor 40s and three VHS tapes in it. I regret that we did not stay around to see how much it went for. No one mentioned it, so I wonder if it sold at all.

The third unit was one I really would have liked to go for if we had the money. There were lots of Sterilite containers and some boxes that were obviously labeled by a kid helping their parents move (one box was labeled "Dictioarys"). It went for $290.

There were six units up for auction, but by the fourth one, I was ready to go. Tyler wanted to walk by it, so we did, only to see a couple old Walmart kid's bikes, a particle board desk and tons of trash bags. There were still a lot of people left to look in it, and my jeans were soaked where the water had been absorbed up to my knees, so I begged Tyler to take me to McDonald's and we left.

Then we went to Goodwill and I found a few cool things.

The End.

Handful of solds

This week has still been depressing, but way less so than last week.  I'm taking everyone's advice and just trying to make things look nicer and be more succinct with my titles.  Here's what's sold:

Men's 100% Cashmere sweater vest.  I had it as $39.99 OBO, then I got frustrated and just put everything in my store on sale 20%, so it was $31.99, but I accepted an offer of $19.99 out of pure desperation.  Paid $2.75.

Unmarked pink milk glass urn/candy dish.  It really is a very pretty piece and I had it up for $40.00 OBO and got an offer for $30.00, again, immediately accepted out of desperation.  But then I got a message from the buyer saying she appreciated me accepting her offer and she's been looking for this for forever, so that made me feel good.  Mom donated this to my "hoard" as she calls it. 

I scooped this See 'n Say up at Salvation Army in December, thinking it was a sure thing...I mean, it's Mickey, right?  Completeds didn't look promising...if they sold at all, it was for around $9.99.  I paid $1.99 for it, but I listed it as BIN for $19.99 with free shipping just to see.  It sold yesterday, so yay!

I sold a couple pair of shoes (super worn Merrells and some Bjorndal clogs) for $15.99 each and a couple of books.  I'm hoping this weekend is big.  I have this lot of GI Joes and accessories up for auction and it's been pretty popular with the views. 
I found them while I was cleaning up the office where I want to starting sorting all my eBay stuff.  I'm tired of it taking over the dining room.  Tyler found these when he was helping his dad clean out the garage and they've just been chilling in the office since July. 

I cleaned up because Tyler and I were planning on going to a storage auction today, but it's POURING so I don't know if we'll brave it.  If we do, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Thank you all so much for your outpouring of support and tips! I have taken every one of them to heart and fixed many of my listings (including the SAS shoes, thank you, Kristen!). The all caps are gone and I'm going to be much more conscious of my pictures. Thank you all again!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So, we've got a lot of stuff going on right now. Some trying-to-get-a-house stuff and I'm trying to get recertification stuff together for work. Of course, my almost two-week streak of nothing on eBay weighs heavily on my mind. When we REALLY need the extra cash flow, it is not there. Not even a trickle. I know if you've read my other posts, you're aware that I'm pretty fed up, but I'm basically done with it for awhile.

Of course, if I have a big selling streak one of these days, I'll be ready to jump back in with both feet, but I'm just going to leave what I have up right now and let it ride. I know that I should keep buying and just list, list, list, but it's hard to go spend money when you don't have anything coming in for your troubles.

I've stressed about it, I've poured over my listings, I've prayed, I've cried (really...I'm a crier), I've ranted and raved...I don't know what else to do.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another plan.

So, last week I tried doing a sale that that didn't work and I suppressed my hatred of talking to people over the phone by calling eBay and that didn't work. So, I was lurking around the eBay underground forum and saw where someone was complaining about low views. Someone else looked at the OP's listings and said "people don't search for the word 'beautiful' very often". Well, guess who's put crap like that in all her recent listing titles?*

Action plan for today (which hopefully I'm able to do. It's a teacher workday and I just need to put grades in, then I should be free):
1) print out a screen shot of the stuff I'm selling from the active items page
2)search for similar items and organize the completeds from highest price first
3)find a similar one that sold for a good amount and see how THEIR titles look
4)make my titles look like that

I might not do it for everything...I mean, 128 things is a lot to revise in a day...but I'm definitely going to do it with stuff that I feel SHOULD be getting more views.

But, I was thinking about it this morning and you know...I feel confident in most of my merchandise, I'm trying really hard to make my listings look nice, I'm editing photos and not taking them in front of my couch anymore...I'm doing the best I can, and I should be happy with that.

*it's me, in case you were wondering

Sunday, January 15, 2012

POSITIVE POST or Why I need to break down and buy a mannequin

No, I haven't sold anything, but the baby woke up too early and just went back to sleep, and Tyler's still snoozing, so I thought I'd use this time to show you the stuff I bought this weekend.  I made one trip to the GW on Friday and one trip to the Salvation Army yesterday.  Here's what $15.00 total bought me:

 This Northern Isles sweater was donated by mom.  It's really cute, but not my style.  It's new with tags and it retails for $79.99!  I have it listed for $49.99
 Since my yellow wool sweater sold so quickly a couple of weeks ago, I've been on the lookout for more wool.  Pendleton seems to do well, and this sweater vest was the only thing I could find.  It looks brand new, really, though I'm sure it's not.  I have it listed for $44.99 OBO.
This leather skirt is really nice. It's just a Jaclyn Smith by Kmart, but it is genuine leather. I have it listed for $32.99
This Polo sweater was hanging on the end of a rack at the Salvation Army, just waiting for me to come along and buy it!  I would keep it, but I can't really do turtlenecks, they drive me crazy.  BIN for $33.99.

This is an old Orvis 100% wool sweater vest.  It looks like it's never been worn.  I have it up as BIN for $29.99.

Well, I think I have officially cleaned my Salvation Army out of men's Polo shirts.  This is the only one I could find and I combed through each shirt in the men's section.  BIN for $17.99.
Greenwich men's 100% cashmere sweater vest in a size XXL.  It's obviously been worn a few times, but I would be violating my own chart if I didn't pick this up for $2.45.  I have it up for $39.99 OBO.  If this had been a normal smaller size, I wouldn't have priced it that high, but it's larger, so I figured I'd try my luck.

For most of these, I've draped a piece of fleece over one of our french doors and hung the sweaters in front of it.  It's a pain in the butt and I really need to just order a stupid mannequin torso, already.  They're priced pretty reasonably on eBay, but the shipping is always so much and they all seem to come in such small sizes!  Oh, well.  Maybe once I start making some money again...whenever that is...

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I found this on I Love Charts and find it to be eerily accurate.

I have 128 things listed and so far today, I've made $10.99 on a Precious Moments Bible.  I wanted to post a picture of my depressing "listings viewed" graph from Omniture (earlier it said I've had less than 30 views today with no more forecasted), but it's not letting me get into it. 

I need to change the name of the blog to "I Couldn't Sell This If My Life Depended On It".  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

... pt. deux

Ok, so I'm going to try to be as un-negative as possible. 

My listings are not getting viewed.  When I search for my listings using keywords that are IN my title, my stuff does not show up.  I finally got up the motivation to call eBay.  The man I spoke with was very pleasant and seemed willing to help.  I told him my problem.  He said "well, the search engine is good, but it isn't google.  You need to be more specific in your titles".  Then he continued to say what I interpreted as this:

Be more specific in your titles in order to get a broader audience.  But don't be too "bare bones" about it.  You still have to use a lot of words, but you must use special eBay psychic powers to make sure they're the right words, or else you will NEVER. SELL. ANYTHING.


(and yes I use that algorithm search thing).

Ok.  So I change my titles for a couple of things.

Eat some dinner.

Come back to search for my stuff.  Nothing.  Several of my books only show up if you copy and paste the title into the search bar. 

So, what's the formula?  How do you figure this stuff out without spending an hour searching for every listing you post and tweaking it until it starts to show up under more stuff?  I have no idea!

Positive part:  Addy's going to be 1 on the 31st and I made some really cute invitations for her!  It's a Horton-themed party and it's hard to find cute Horton invites.  So...yay!

Monday, January 9, 2012


*sigh*.  Another terrible day.  120 things listed and no sales!  Surely someone wants something I have up! 

It is easy to get discouraged when you go through these rough spots.  It makes me want to close my store and just throw everything away.  I truly don't know what else to do with my stuff.  I've got fancy borders around my listings, I've checked and double checked my categories, titles, descriptions, etc.  I don't know what else to do, so I guess I'll just wait it out.

I'm tired of writing whiney posts.  I promise the next post I write will be positive!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things I bought

I can't title this "things I've sold" because I haven't sold a blasted thing this weekend.  Well, a Fenton cat, but that's about it.

Tyler and I went thrifting yesterday and I got some cool stuff.  I'm still having the problem of listing and getting 0 or 1 view.  I tried to look up information the Cassini project search thingy that eBay's implementing, but all I could find is this terrible powerpoint and some forums where people are complaining about it, but not really discussing what it is.  I'm really more offended by the powerpoint than anything else.  As a teacher, I am a master of powerpoint, and to see one done this badly by a major company leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

What I've learned is: apparently, it's bad for the little guy.  If someone would like to explain how, exactly, I would really appreciate it.

Here's some stuff I bought yesterday:
 One of our GWs has a Valentine's section!  This was the biggest plush they had.  He's 19", paid $2.97, have him up BIN for $17.99.
 I love Pooh!  I always buy anything Pooh.  This is a big throw, measuring 53"x49".  It's in pretty good shape.  Has obviously been washed a couple of times, but anyone who loves Pooh should love this.  Paid $3.97, started the auction at $11.99.
 After reading this article on Mysecretebaydiary, I specifically looked for pearl snap, western shirts.  This one was 1/2 off at GW and it's a size XXL.  Can you see how badly I need a male torso dress form thing?  I can't find any large sizes, though!  All I can find are skinny ones with six pack abs.  I am not buying shirts for those men.  Paid $2.17, up as BIN for $29.99
I have listed one old Spanish textbook before and it sold immediately.  I found this one for $1.00 at a thrift shop just down the street from GW and I couldn't pass it up.  It's very '50s with cool pictures and instruction.  BIN for $19.99.

I also bought a couple sets of mugs and some other clothes I'll post pictures of tomorrow.  My computer uploads the pictures to blogger so slloooowww, I figured I'd just do my favorites tonight. 

I think I'm going to start a sale tonight.  I'm not going to include my newest stuff, but I'm thinking maybe a little discount will motivate these people who have been watching some of my stuff for three or four weeks!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

More complaning.

Dude.  This is weak.  Is anyone else having a super slow week?  I feel good about most of the stuff I have up, but I'm just not getting the views.  Or, where I am getting the views, I have like 8 watchers and no one's buying!  I hate it when that happens.  Whine, whine, whine.  Complain, complain, complain.

We went thrifting today and I think I got some more good stuff.  My dining room table floweth over.  I'll post pics tomorrow!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seller Sourcebook

This week has been one of my suckiest so far.  I don't know if people are in shock over their credit card bills or what, but I need a friggin sale!  I've sold a couple things here and there, but it's been pretty depressing lately.

I signed up with Seller Sourcebook today.  I only did the month to month for $8.00 thing.  I've listed a couple of things on there today.  I'm not wild about it yet.  It's a bit cumbersome.  There's a lot of instructions and things to click and it makes me a little confused sometimes. 

I'm actually officially out of things to list.  I have 116 items up.  I guess I'll have to hit the thrift stores this weekend.  I actually really liked wondering around the flea markets last weekend, so maybe Tyler and I can do that Saturday morning.  If anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to discuss.

UPDATE: Still no sales and I hate Seller's Sourcebook.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sales and flea market finds

So, I wake up to snow.  I call our school's snow line.  2 hour delay.  Tyler gets up, takes the baby to daycare and I start to get ready.  As I'm getting dressed, I call again just for kicks.  Closed.  Never fails.  So I'm sitting here in full makeup, hair done (i.e. ponytail) and sweats.  Not that I'm complaining.  I just wish I hadn't wasted my foundation.  I'm running low.


Whew, it sure has been slow since Friday!  I'm hoping things will pick up, as I am excited to see how my first flea market items do!  Here are some sales:
 Remember this guy?  Picked him up a couple weeks ago at a local thrift shop for $.75.  I have three of them, he's my first one that sold for $9.99.  He's very small, 3" tall and .5" deep, but he's a little stash box and I think they're really cool.
 Doc Marten's, you are my best friend.  Tyler and I wanted to go to a flea market on Friday (well, I wanted to go and Tyler agreed to go along), so we left the baby with my parents and drove up to Kingsport.  It was closed.  So, we went to the Kingsport GW, which I'd never been to.  It's smaller and more depressing than ours, but I found these!  Women's size 8.5.  Paid $4.50, sold for $49.99.  Sweet!
I actually bought this J.Crew corduroy skirt for myself.  But it never got worn and it's a smidge too short for my liking, so I put it up and it sold quickly for $19.99, paid $2.75 at the Goodwill.

I've also sold a couple books for $5.99 here and there.  My magnets should be coming today and I am super pumped!

So, following the Kingsport flea market disappointment, mom and I went to another one in Bluff City on Saturday.  There is SO MUCH CRAP there.  The bummer?  The stalls that had the best stuff already had it priced at eBay prices, so I couldn't buy the things I wanted to, a)because I only had $20.00 on me and, b) No room for profit.  So, here's what I got:
 I really liked this dish.  It has a recipe for Blue Cheese dip and I thought it looked cool and vintage.  It was also only $2.00.  There are a couple completeds that didn't sell, but I've got mine up BIN for $23.00.
I've been reading to much about owls, I couldn't pass up these salt and pepper shakers.  They were also $2.00, and I tried to haggle down to $1.00, but the woman just looked at me like I was a moron and my mother gave me a speech on how that was "embarrassing".  Oh well.  Got them up as BIN for $13.99, which seems reasonable based on completeds.

I also got a pair of 8 oz Starbucks mugs, but it won't load the picture.  We'll see how this stuff does!  My computer's about to die and I didn't bring my charger home from work, so happy Tuesday, ya'll!