Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So our vacation is just two weeks away! This makes me happy and also really crazy inside because eBay is being a punk. I was doing ok until I realized how much my monthly fees were this month. I'm embarassed to even say. It was a lot. I got hooked on doing auctions there for a couple of weeks and without my friggin TRS was a lot. So it was a major setback.

Yard sales have been terrible. We didn't get to go last week because we had to take Addy to the ER Friday night around 12. We didn't get home until 6:30 the next morning! They ran a gamut of tests on her to figure out what was causing her mystery fever and turns out she had mild pneumonia! The poor angel is feeling better, now, though!

Thrifting has been slow, too. I don't want to use my PayPal card for anything because I know sales are so slow...but then I know if I don't buy stuff, my sales will be it's like a Catch-22. And I'm buying all the wrong stuff! I've read Chico's is a great brand to sell and I found a ton of Chico's stuff suddenly a few weeks ago...nada. I mean, I've got Polo stuff up, Steve Madden, Le Creuset and NOTHING (all priced competitively, btw). It sucks.

So I'm restless and impatient and bummed. How's your week?


  1. I've read only certain Chico stuff sells well. Like their travelers stuff. I think it's just the slow season. Most people are in the same boat. But unfortunately you do need to spend money to make money usually.

  2. I'm with Veronica it's Chicos Travelers that sells ( it's the throw in the suitcase wrinkle proof stuff.). June is historically slow the end of July picks up a bit. I'm in the same slow boat. Its a good time to get your paperwork in order, redo bad pictures etc.

  3. Slow here too! Have you considered having a storewide sale? I did it recently and sold a few things I've had forever!