Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Well, I didn't post any pictures of me failing on the prom dress packing front because it actually fit nicely in a larger size box.  I slipped a dry cleaning bag around it and out it went! 

That being said, I have not had much at all in the way of sales for the past week.  It's depressing.  I don't think I'm getting much in the way of views (omniture says about 50 a day...terrible), so I don't know if it's me not doing it right or eBay screwing me over.  Yard sales last weekend were a total bust, so it's not like I have a lot of cheap stuff to list this week.  In fact, I haven't listed anything since Sunday.  Not selling stuff is not good motivation to list/buy anything else.

We are also looking at houses like crazy.  We're in a lower price range, so it's frustrating to see house after unsuitable house.  I think our real estate agent was getting frustrated too.  Not with us, but with the quality of houses and misleading listings of other real estate agents.  I mean, we went to see a few that the listing agents said were "above average" that were total nightmares.  We put an offer in on one with the stipulation that the lady put a railing on the front porch so the house would be approved for FHA, but she refused.  We have an offer in right now on another house and the seller just asked for an extension to consider the that's more waiting.

Waiting on the phone to ring, waiting for someone to buy some of my crap...and oh yeah, waiting for Addy to get over her double ear infection...*big sigh*.


  1. Sales have been horrible for me also.... :(( super sad face. It is not just you, sales will increase soon, I can feel it.

  2. Same here. The things that actually ARE selling lately are ending with only one bid. Very depressing! I just found out that you can list free today. This offer happened last Wednesday too. My suspicion is that sales are down across the board and Ebay is trying to get more people to list. If we don't make money, neither does Ebay, right? Hopefully there will be a light at the end of this dark selling tunnel. As for your house hunting....go outside and say out loud what you want. The universe will hear you. :)

  3. Well, my auctions are the only things that are even selling! I've send several things to auction just to get them out of the house and it's worked for a few things. Also, this other woman refused to budge on her asking price, so we're right back where we started. It's really discouraging. I went outside and said some stuff out loud, but I'm pretty sure the universe just took offense.

  4. Have you tried a sale? We are similar...when I don't have any sales for a period of time, I get so frustrated! That's when I usually run a big sale.

    I know a lot of people don't mind sitting on inventory, but honestly, I would rather have the cash & the item out of my house! Right now I have 150 items in my store, and that is about all I can handle right now for inventory.

    Usually, if I get a few sales, I get motivated to keep listing :)