Friday, March 23, 2012


So, people, my husband included, are asking me why I don't just have a Big Sale.  Because, according to Omniture, I'm getting LESS THAN 50 views a day for the past week or so.  I mean, what's the point of having a sale when no one's even looking at your stuff?  This morning, I was reading Auction Bytes blog and they talked about how, staring June 1, people with 1 day handling time and 14 day return policies are basically going to get bumped up in the searches. 

This got me thinking...which is dangerous because I am having severe allergies and thinking is really difficult right now.

Knowing eBay, they may have already put this into effect without telling anyone.  My handling time is 2 days because I'm lazy.  What if this is hurting me?  I've already changed my return policies, but perhaps I should change my handling time, too and see what that does. 

So, I did.  I changed all my handling times to 1 day and checked my return policies.  I also caved and decided to run a Big Sale and see if changing my policies and discouting prices will increase my views.  We will certainly see. 


  1. If you don't offer it already, having free shipping may also give you a boost in search. I know that's not for everyone, but I did that for a while just to get my star ratings up. After I got them up, I started charging for shipping again and I do notice less traffic. Coincidence? Or something more? (raises one eyebrow)

  2. I just stumbled upon your blog, maybe I came via Clamco. But we follow many of the same blogs. I just wanted to comment on your post. I did receive messages from ebay re: the 1-day handling/14-day return. They did already put it into effect on a limited basis, to those of us who do it before 6/1. So I revised ALL my listings and have noticed a jump in sales. Not really big because March has been a slow month, but I also offer free shipping (not really, but shipping is included) on many of my listings. I must say it is sometimes stressful to keep up with the 1-day handling, although you just need to provide this service on 90% of you sales to reap the benefit. Anyway, count me in as a new follower ... and your little baby is so CUTE!!

  3. I offer 1 day handling, and it's not that big of a deal really. People just want to know they are getting their items FAST! I needed some extra cash this week so I ran a 2 day sale in my store, everything 15% off. Things just FLEW off the shelves and I still made a great profit! Maybe trying a sale like that would help! I figure it's better making some money is better than having bins full of inventory, right?

  4. I ran a 4-day sale last weekend and made bunches of sales--the most I had all month. I was thinking: "Yes! People are finally buying again, or got their tax returns!" Then...hardly anything! And this weekend, it's just been DEAD. This whole month has been slow! I don't know my exact views, but I've been doing the 1-day handling and FS for ages...I haven't seen much difference lately! I am thinking of charging shipping for heavy or large items like Danskos or Doc Martens possibly. I try to run a sale around paydays--around the 15th, and then around the end of the month, as I want sales, but I don't want to cut into my potential profits, either! It's worked out pretty well for me...