Monday, November 21, 2011

Oh Lordy.

It's been a month since I've posted, which is inexcusable! I don't know what I've been doing instead...nothing interesting. I'm eBaying it up. And by that, I mean, jumping at my computer any time my email dings to see if I've sold anything worthwhile. It's usually an email from The Children's Place (for real, they send 3 emails a day and I've unsubscribed but to no avail). Anyways.

Work's been hectic and baby's crawling which keeps us so busy! She's so fun to watch. She does some Army-crawl thing where she uses her right arm and left leg and all other appendages pretty much just get in the way. She's almost 10 months! It's nuts.

I honestly think eBay is messing with my head. When I check the traffic reports for my store, it says I'm getting a respectable amount of page views. But when I look at my actual views, I'm not seeing where those 100-200 views are going. Omniture is a dirty liar. Yet I check it obsessively. Go figure.

I have 104 things listed right now and actually bought some nice stuff at some yard sales this weekend (mainly clothes and shoes) and I've made some pretty good profit on a few things recently. When I'm feeling feisty (maybe tomorrow, feisty or not) I'll do a picture post. This was just an update to say hey! I hope everyone's holiday selling is going well!

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  1. It must be the season. I'm having a hard time posting and I actually have ideas to post about.