Sunday, October 30, 2011


All of them excellent.
So last weekend, the yard sale-ing was completely amazing, thanks to some great estate sales. My sales were totally awesome on Sunday (about $200!) and where was I? Puking my guts out. Tyler and I had some sort of Zombie flu that lasted a day. His parents took the baby while we laid on the couch watching Auction Hunters and waiting for death. My email kept dinging and I kept thinking of all the bloody work I'd have ahead of me once I recovered. I didn't get all the purchases out of the house until Wednesday. It's really hard to make up a lost day.

This week I didn't pay much attention to eBay. I had meetings, baby had doctor's appointments (just a check up with her dermatologist and pediatrician) and I was burnt out from all the shipping. When I checked my traffic yesterday, I'd had like NO visitors this week. I had a couple good auctions going but really zero storefront views and the other views were probably in the single digits. On eBay underground's proboards, they call this the black hole. I feel this is very accurate.

Tyler and I have a wager going. Our Christmas club account pays out on Tuesday, so we were going to go to Pigeon Forge and do some outlet shopping next weekend. I want to stay at the indoor waterpark Friday night (the baby's an Aquarius and seriously loves water) but Tyler's more for just making it a day trip and letting a set of grandparents watch Addy. If I make $150 by Tuesday, we can go. Now that I'm looking at my traffic, I'm not sure if it'll happen, but I have another 20% off sale going, so we'll see if that can generate some sure didn't yesterday!

Now here's some pictures of the cool stuff I got last weekend (it's so cool, no one's bought most of it yet! wheee)

I have this BIN for $29.99, I think, with another one that's pink with white design. Gooseberry is supposedly popular right now, but I'm not convinced.

Tyler's been wanting a set of these to resell for awhile now. It's Fire King lustre ware and I cannot find any completeds on a huge set like this. There's nine of them and they're gorgeous. Something my crappy photography skills cannot convey.

This had a bid on it the second I put it up. It's LPS teeniest tiniest stuff. Hopefully the bids keep coming!

These are sportsman insulated mugs by Flambeau. The only completeds are for one or two of the mugs, not a whole set like this. Two of them sell for about $20.00, so we'll see what happens at BIN OBO $59.99

Yeah, I was too lazy to link to completeds. So what? I also realized that most of my pics are on my other computer which is at school. If you want to see what else I have, look at my store!

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