Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekly stuff and GW hunting.

Ok, back to the posting grind. This week was great. Most of my expensive stuff has sold and mom volunteered her American Girl Samantha doll, which I sold for $85.00 (should have asked way more) in about three minutes. Here's what else I sold:

Mary Englebreit Disney pin picture that I talked about here: paid $1, sold for $55.00
American Girl Doll: paid 0, sold for $85.00
Croc wedge shoes: paid $5.00, sold for $19.99
Merrell shoes: paid $4.50, sold for $24.99, I think...something like that.
Lot of 19 VC Andrews books mom picked up at a book sale, paid $3.00, sold for $25.99 FAST.
Fenton glass shoe someone gave me at a baby shower for some reason, paid 0, sold for $9.99
Set of Indiana Glass 12 days of Christmas glasses (FINALLY), paid $7.00, sold for $22.99
Lot of 4 Adrinana Trigniani books: paid 0, sold for $8.99
Martha Stewart craft book: Paid $1.00, sold for $8.99

And some other small things I can't remember. It's really a mixed bag. I always try to look at my stuff and see if there's any rhyme or reason to what people are buying from one week to the next and there's not.

I went to GW on Thursday night and found some pretty good stuff. Tyler's decided to start reading the "Wheel of Time" books by Robert Jordan and has been ordering used ones off Amazon for about $3.00 each paperback. They're always in rough shape, but guess what I saw in a cart of stuff ready to be put away? Five of the books! 4-8, all looking pretty good! I scooped them up. Then I got this for resale:

Coach shoes! I was very excited and the guy checking me out was like "whaaaat?". We were both equally nonplussed that people would just give up expensive shoes. I have them BIN for $27.99 because, to my dismay, Coach shoes really don't actually sell for much used and the insoles show show some wear.

Hartstrings crafty sweater. Ok, for one thing, it's pretty freakin cute (thimble buttons!) and I know it would appeal to a very limited number of buyers, but SOMEONE would def. want it and it's Hartstrings! BIN for $21.99, size 3T

These are just Nine West, but they're new and I thought they were super cute! They're a size 6, which usually does well resale wise. If they were my freakish size 11, I would totally keep them! BIN for $22.99.

There's a yard sale up the road today at a friend's mom's house. She's had about 80 kids, so I'm hoping to find some good toys finally! We'll see.

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