Friday, July 29, 2011


So it should be known that Yard Sale Mommy is a hero of mine. I was getting into eBay and my husband found her blog and now I'm hooked. I remembered a while back, she mentioned something about Barney videos. So I'd been keeping a look out for them ever since.

This past week I've been at a Technology Academy for school. It's really boring and I already know what they're teaching but I get $500.00 for it, so I was like, sign me up! Anyway, my parents have been watching Addy and when I got out of Tech Academy today, I asked mom if she wanted to go check out a new thrift store in town. My mother won't turn down a trip to go shopping, so we went while my dad was left with a fairly fussy baby.

This store was a HOT MESS. I think these people fancied themselves "pickers", but it really just looked like they picked up whatever people set out at the curbs before trash day. There was a huge pile of trash bags and boxes behind the counter, full of stuff they haven't even gone through. The 6-year-old daughter of the owner came up to us at one point and tried to sell us some terrible chairs. When we declined, she told us we'd been there "too long". Thanks, kid.

So I'm wondering around, thinking I won't find anything, when I see a whole wall of VHS tapes...and BARNEY! I was so excited. I grabbed 6 Barney tapes and a Wiggles tape while my mom just looked embarassed. I got 7 tapes for $3.68. I looked the tapes up individually but there doesn't seem to be any pattern to which tape sells for what, so I just put Barney and Wiggles up as a lot for $19.99. All of the tapes work, too, yay!


I also heard back from the sweatshirt buyer and she just wanted her money back. That's fair and I understand. It just sucks that it had to happen at all. I'm still beating myself up over that one.

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