Monday, July 25, 2011

Hi, my name is Maggie and I eBay.

Greetings! I've been dabbling in this eBay business since mid-June. After coming across several wonderful eBay-ing blogs, I was inspired to create my own! It seems like every day on eBay, I have a new question about what to do with an item, how much to list it for, is my picture good enough, is my title catchy?? And on, and on, and on.

I've also come across a LOT of people who won't pay for their items, and then refuse to message me back about it. It's frustrating to be sure, and I'm trying to figure out how to deal with them civilly when really I'm sitting there screaming "It's been a week! Pay me, you jerks!" at my computer. So hopefully I can figure it out, and help others work their issues out, too!

There's a lot of frustrations when it comes to eBay-ing, especially when you purchase something that you think will be a huge hit, when it's really a flop. But making a big pay day on an item you didn't think would do anything makes it really worth it!

Right now, almost all of our profits are going into a savings account for our baby girl. It's designated towards daycare fees that will come along once I go back to work (I teach), but hopefully it will grow over the years and become a wonderful gift from her mom and dad when it's college time. We would also like to direct some of it to a savings account for family outings, things for the house, etc. But that will come later.

So how did I get into this? One day, I was picking up the house and kept picking up Vera Bradley purses to shove in the closet. I realized I had a lot that I just didn't use or like anymore. So I put them on eBay and they did great! A local store sells Vera Bradley and usually has retired items on sale so I decided to go buy some clearance Vera and sell it. That didn't do so well.

After some failures and breaking evens, I started noticing Vera Bradley pill cases were selling for at least twice the retail value! My store had these for 25% off so I bought most of them and did AWESOME.

Once my pill case stash started to dwindle, I started selling some clothes (mainly Polo stuff bought from TJMaxx and my old stuff) and have had mixed success. The #1 thing I've learned about clothes is, if you set an auction to start at $.99, be prepared for the item to sell for $.99, because it happens and it sucks.

The solution to this? Yard sales. My husband and I just started yard sale-ing the past two weeks, so I haven't really seen how it will work out, but all I know is we have a very small amount of money invested and I have some Abercrombie and Fitch jeans I bought at $3.00 a pop that will pretty much pay off whatever we've invested in our stuff. I'll post a list of what I've had selling for the past week tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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