Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What I'm Selling

So I currently have 32 listings up on eBay. It's a lot. I think it's the most I've had up at once, actually. Here's a run-down:
Some maternity clothes
Sperry Top Siders
A Columbia Coat
Abercrombie Jeans
Fisher Price little people lots
Sesame street board books
A Susan Bristol sweater my mom gave me to sell
A lot of name brand children's clothes
A couple of Wii games we don't play
A Playmobil Dragon Rock set, NIB
A couple pieces of jewelry I won on Quibids

The Sperrys end in about 30 minutes and they will sell, as will the Columbia coat (which I've had to relist three times). I've had a TON of luck with three pairs of Abercrombie men's jeans I picked up for $3.00 at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. They were 28x30, so I was apprehensive and just bought three pairs. I've sold two of the pairs so far for a total of $40.00...not too bad...I wish I'd bought all of the jeans! Oh well...live and learn.

The Little People were picked up at a small consignment sale last weekend, and the response has actually been fairly underwhelming. I'm toying with listing lots of the people and accessories vs. listing some little people and a large play set. I just dread trying to ship the Ramps Around Garage I bought...it's HUGE.

The biggest dissappointment so far has been the Playmobil set. I was driving to my parent's house last Friday and spotted the box at a yard sale. It's brand new, never been opened and the knights and dragons play sets seem to sell reasonably well. Not many people have even looked at it. I've examined my listing several times to see if I can tweak it, but I'm stumped. I have it listed for $14.99 auction style. If it doesn't sell this time around, I'll relist it for $10.99. I have $5.00 invested in it, so I would like to at least double my money.

The biggest surprise awesome-wise is a Backyardigans Bobblin Big Top Circus playset and figures I bought at the consignment sale last week. I paid $8.00 and it's currently at $25.00 with two days left! I love it when hunches actually work out!

I'll discuss quibids in a later post. The jewelry isn't very fancy (some 10K citrine earrings and a heart key necklace with teeny diamonds in it), but I tried to gear my listings towards "children's jewelry". If they're a huge flop, I'll probably wait until closer to Christmas to list them again.

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