Thursday, July 28, 2011

Check your stuff thoroughly

So I sold an American Eagle sweatshirt that was just gathering dust in the top of my closet. I took it down a week ago, gave it a quick once over, snapped a picture and put it up on eBay. It only sold for $8.49, but that's money I didn't have before, you know? Anyway, the buyer paid today so I was folding the sweatshirt up to put in the package, when I see a quarter sized stain on the right arm.

Not pictured: Awful stain.

It looked like detergent had gotten on it and didn't wash out or something...I have no clue. It's been forever since I wore it, so who knows how long it's had to set. I tried to spot clean, but to no avail. I bit the bullet and contacted the buyer telling them I would either ship them the sweatshirt with a shipping refund, or just totally refund their money. I haven't heard back from them yet, but I hate being put in this situation.

So, today's lesson: Scrutinize your stuff! Whether it be yard sale finds or your own personal items...look at it in every light, from every angle. Spare yourself the trouble! I guess I should be glad I spotted it at all. I would have hated to mail out a stained item and then get a message from a disappointed customer.

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  1. Hi, Maggie! I just found your blog - looks like it'll be a good one if you keep at it! I don't maintain mine anymore, maybe b/c I'm busy selling on eBay now. =) I've been doing it about a year now, and I enjoy it. Good luck with your sales!