Sunday, July 31, 2011

Slow yard sale day

So yesterday Tyler, Baby and I woke up to go yard sale-ing. My parents called and offered to watch the baby (for some reason, she's not into yard-saleing as much as we are), so we dropped her off and went up the road a ways to a church rummage sale. I'd never been in the church, but I knew it was fancy looking so I was excited. This was all unfounded because there was NOTHING there. There was a Vera Bradley purse, but some flea market guy literally snatched it out of my hands (ok, it was almost in my hands). The look I gave him as he walked away was decidedly unchristian. I picked up an XXL Gap blouse that looks like it's never been worn. I've read that larger sizes sell well, so I thought I'd try it out.

Then we drove around Bluff City for a while. Bluff City is right next to Bristol, but there's nothing there, so we hardly ever go. Needless to say, we had no clue where we were most of the time. We followed a set of yard sale signs and went up this ridiculously narrow drive way to a little farm house. There were lots of Lee jeans and radios (looked like CB but who knows?) Then Tyler hit the mother load. A set of 20 Harvard Classics hardback books from 1969! At a farm house in Southwest Virginny! Who knew?? They were just $20, and he's hoping to sell them for around $80-90. They're in great shape, and if they don't sell, he'll probably just keep them.

We found a Craigslist ad for an "Amazing Yardsale" with teen clothes (I love selling clothes) so I wanted to find it. We got to the address and it was a Daycare. With no one there. Lights off, everything. Why post an ad for a yard sale and then not do it? Especially if it was supposed to be "amazing"?

So we head back to Bristol and go to a warehouse where a guy who used to have a flea market booth is selling some of his wares. I found a TON of children's books and he told me whatever I could put in a box, I could take for $5.00. I loaded up on a collection of Junie B. Jones books, Magic Tree House books and some Arthur chapter books. Hopefully, they'll do well! I also got a few books for Baby!


Tyler uses our other computer for his stuff, so his Harvard books aren't pictured. He's also been helping his dad clean out their garage and is getting ready to post some Atari and Super Nintendo stuff he found on eBay today!

This weekend's lesson: My husband has had a much more productive weekend finding stuff than I have.


  1. Your yard sale finds are GREAT!! So how do you do selling clothes? Do you sell them on eBay? I have a lot of clothes I have picked up at different places but I can't decide what to do with them. Do you only buy really high end brands? Thanks for the comment on my blog! We go back to school in a little over a week so I am getting ready for that. When do you guys go back? This is my first year teaching 7th grade. I taught 8th grade last year. I am planning on going yard saleing next weekend if my little man is cooperative. :)

  2. We start doing in service days on the 10th and our first day is the 17th. My girl will be going to daycare for the first time (family watched her last year), so I'm all to pieces over it.

    I try to buy name brands. Gap, Abercrombie, Polo especially. I bought some Abercrombie jeans for $3 a piece at a yard sale a couple of weeks ago that have done really well. Almost ANYTHING with a Polo pony on it will sell. I've actually had more luck selling boys/men's clothes than women's clothes. I do sell them on eBay. You have to mess with the prices a little and see what works! If you've got a lot of fall clothes, this is the time to start selling them! Good luck with your yard sales!

  3. Hi! You did great, especially on the books! Those are the ones I like to buy too. I don't know much about clothes but I am learning a lot from reading the blogs. Would love it if you would link up so we can grow our yard sale party and community. Thanks for sharing!