Monday, August 1, 2011

Urgh, shipping. Also, jackets!

So, there's obviously a huge learning curve with this eBaying stuff, you know? One thing I'm still awful at is estimating shipping costs. I hope to remedy that with the nifty scale we just bought off eBay, but even then, I still mess up.

Tyler and I bought a bunch of Little People stuff at a consignment sale a few weeks ago. I tried to put them up in sets with the Ramps Around Garage and Sweet Sounds house, but there were no lookers (plus I chickened out on trying to ship the HUGE garage). So I just threw up a huge 52 piece lot of Little People and put shipping for $10.00. It sold, but only for $25.50 + shipping and shipping these little things cost me $13.22, so it ate into my bottom line, which stinks.

Also, trying to ship 52 LP, their cars and accessories is a GIGANTIC pain in the heiny. I don't recommend it unless you want them out of your house.
BUT, if you want something easy to ship that WILL sell (I almost guarantee it), search high and low (even in your own closet) for an old North Face Denali jacket. These have been out for years, but they still retail high. The do not, unfortunately wash up well, so you may be able to find some of these at Goodwill or yard sales if you live somewhere fancy. Really, any North Face product will do really well on eBay. My Denali's seen better days, so I put it up after seeing this. I noted the stains that are on it, and it's already at $27.00 with 14 watchers. It's got a couple more days to go so I'm excited to see how much it sells for.
Obviously, right now is THE time to sell jackets and coats, and if they're Patagonia, North Face, Mountain Hardware, Marmot, etc, then all the better.


  1. It seems like Little People stuff is hit or miss. There is a lot of it on ebay at the same time. I have a couple of playsets (the house, barn, fairy treehouse, and pirate ship) with the people and some vehicles. I'm thinking I might just hold on to them until Christmas shopping starts. Maybe then I'd be able to sell them better.

    Great tip on the jacket, though! I hadn't thought about that. I passed up a North Face jacket at a yard sale this past weekend because we already have jackets... kicking myself right now for that!

  2. I just sold some LP pirate accessories and there was a lot of interest in them. Maybe pirates are hot right now...?

  3. I just found myself in a similar situation! I sold a set of Little People animals and various other toy animals. I didn't think shipping could be very much. I charged $6.80 but it ended up being over $10. Yikes.

    But like you said, it's a learning process. I'm thinking I will be doing a lot of shipping in flat rate boxes from now on.