Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Being proactive! Sale! Buy things!

Today was a doozy as far as work was concerned. Sometimes I wonder why I get up in the morning and leave my precious baby just to get crapped on by 12 year olds. I mean, I know we can't live on Tyler's salary and my recently terrible eBay earnings by themselves, but on days like today I think maybe living with my parents wouldn't be too bad (and if you knew my mother, you'd be like "omg, she means business").

Don't get me wrong, a lot of my kids are precious and I would take them to raise, no problem. But it only takes one (or three or five) to make your day terrible. So, feeling the need to be successful at SOMETHING, I went through and did a markdown on all my Buy It Now items. So from now through Saturday, everything BIN in Pages Bookstore & More is 20% off. I had someone buy a vest I've been trying to unload for a while, but it had 3 watchers, so it might have sold today, anyway. I would be thrilled if a ton of stuff sold. My house is so packed right now, I really want to get rid of some stuff before I bring more stuff in.

One of our local libraries is having a book sale this weekend. It starts tomorrow but I have parent teacher conferences and can't go after work. My mom is going tomorrow and I've left her a list of books and the type of books I would like, but we'll see what she actually comes home with. I'll go Friday after school and probably hit it up Saturday in case they have any last day sales.

I'll let you know how the BIN sale goes. Fingers crossed!

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