Thursday, October 20, 2011


Look at what I got on my eBay page today! This morning it was just the power seller, but later this afternoon I saw the Top-rated seller badge, too! I now live in fear of it being taken away. When you look at your status, They have the maximum count of "item not as described" stuff you can have and the max for me is 3. I've had 1 for awhile now. I think it's from one person who left positive feedback for an item but then messaged me and told me she wasn't happy with it. Now I have 2! What?? One person left feedback on some Merrell's I sold a few weeks ago and said "different than in the picture but great none the less". HOW?? How is something different than in the picture!? It's a picture of the actual item! I bet it's them. If I lose my Power Seller badge, I'll be pretty devastated.

I sold about $100 worth of stuff yesterday. Wednesday for some reason is one of my busiest days in the "store", so I always do a Wednesday price markdown of 10-20%. It seems to usually work out for me.

Also, someone's watching my Mary Englebreit pins! It doesn't necessarily mean they'll sell (I mean I've had 10 watchers before and nary an offer or bid or anything), but seeing that someone's watching it does some crazy psychological stuff that makes me feel hopeful.


  1. Ha..I had someone nail me this week which puts me on the edge as well. I was doing fine w/o this status, which is why I won't be sweating it if I lost it. I'm proud..don't get me wrong, but it's just a label right??? WTG on the Wednesday sales. I had one crusty sale yesterday (2 for the week)'s been slow the last 2 weeks.

  2. I can never figure out why people watch BIN. It makes no sense. I've had things sell and then get emails from people stating they would like to buy it, sorry it already. Congrats on your new status.