Saturday, October 15, 2011

Yard Sale Tales: 10/15/2011 edition.

You know what really chaps my rear? When people advertise for a yard sale and make it sound AWESOME and then you get there and there's no yard sale! I got up this morning and went to an apparent yard sale in a super nice community on the other side of town and I was so pumped because this neighborhood is gorgeous and there was no yard sale. It's so disappointing. I wanted to go to their door and ring the bell and tell them they owed me money for the gas I used driving out there.

Then I got this stuff at other places:

The Stitch doll is from a community yard sale at some condos. Apparently "community" means two condos at opposite ends of the place, both with about two tables worth of stuff. I also got the framed Mary Englebreit (more about that in a sec) "picture" on the far right at the same place. Paid $1.50. Stitch does ok, depending on what you have.

The Josef Seibels and Bob the Builder sheet set were from the GW. We stopped at a yard sale where I got the Snoopy root beer mug and it was close to GW and the baby was asleep so I ran in really quick. Paid $8.00

The Snoopy root beer mug got me really excited, but the completeds have dashed my hopes for huge profits. Oh, well. At least I just paid $.50.

I did a happy dance when I found the Revere Ware tea kettle at an estate sale. It was one of those where they think everything they own is awesome and want exorbitant amounts for it, but somehow this beauty was just priced at $5.00, which leaves me lots of room for profit.

I got the books when I was still smarting from the pretend yard sale. It was freezing so I didn't pick through this lady's stuff like I should have, but she said that they're having a bigger moving sale in a couple of weeks, so it's ok. They're all in really great shape.

Ok, so the Mary Englebreit "picture" is actually a framed pin set. I really can't find much about this. I can find listings for the lithograph print of the pin in the middle, which is Ann Estelle serving tea to her Mickey and Minnie rag dolls, but I can't find anything for this item in particular. Since Disney pins tend to go for crazy prices, and this print has a certificate of authenticity on the back, I listed it for $112.75 (don't ask me why that number), OBO, just for giggles to see if anyone would bite. What a great profit that would be, eh?Link


  1. Totally agree with the non-existent yard sale. I had one of those this weekend too! You still had some great finds! Please also feel free to link up over on my site. I host a yard sale/thrift store find link up each Sunday. You can check it out here

    @ Coupon Tipster

  2. I love listing stuff for laughs (and secret hopes) it'll sell. I did that with a bottle this week. I'll let it sit high for a few weeks then mark it down. GL

  3. I found that exact same Stitch this weekend! A little while back, I found a NIB Revere Tea Kettle but mine was not a Rome kettle... mine was made in Korea so I priced it at $22.99 + shipping and it sold. I only paid $1 so I was happy. Funny thing though, I saw it at this little old lady's sale and I (politely) grabbed it. Never even looked in the box till after I got home! It could have been an empty box! Ha!