Friday, October 7, 2011

Sale results so far

Wow. Who knew discounting stuff 20% could make such a big difference? I haven't sold tons, but I have made over $200 this week so far. Hopefully tomorrow brings more bargain hunters. I'm glad that things have picked up for the time being. I was getting very discouraged. Here's what's sold:

*Clark's mary janes - paid $4.50 sold for $23.99

*Merrell shoes - paid $4.50 sold for $13.00 (not a huge profit but they were in rough shape)

*Ralph Lauren hoodie - paid $10.00 at TJ Maxx in June, the auction didn't meet the reserve when I first listed it, so I just relisted and it sold for $25.00

*Some American Girl's dolls sewing stuff - paid $1.50 sold for a total of $20.00

*Single books - paid around $5.00 for all the ones that sold, sold them for a total of around $30.00

*Two of my four lots of romance books - paid $5.00 for all of them, sold for $30.00

*prAna vest I bought forever ago and never wore - Paid ? sold for $15.99

Other various things I can't remember right now. I'm happiest about the books. One of the romance lots has 39 books in it and getting those out of the house will make lots of room for all the VC Andrews books my mom bought at the book sale this week!

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