Sunday, October 2, 2011


I actually reached a goal! 100 listings tonight, thanks to a good trip to GW with Tyler this afternoon. We got a lot of shoes, which was pretty much all the good stuff they had:

Clarks shoes, size 10; Born sandals size 10; Merrell shoes size 9.5 (rough shape, but hey, they're Merrells); A&F cords in size 0. We also found some Doc Martens! They're really scuffed, so I'm going to try to clean them up before I list them. I got a few hypnobirthing books, which is strange to me, but I figured someone might be crazy enough to consider it. And a J.Crew skirt for me. Spent $33.00.

So, 100 listings, and $16.00 in sales for the weekend. Hm.

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