Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh yeah? Your face is not as described.

Well, apparently I was riding high on my American Girl doll streak (which netted me about $300) when I told Tyler I could pay for our entire vacation with eBay earnings.  This week has been totally dead.  I've got watchers, but no buyers.  And I have one crazy buyer who is currently making my life hell.

I sold some Ralph Lauren pants that were new with tags.  I said they were new with tags because they were NEW and had TAGS ON THEM.  I said in the listing that they had been in the closet for a while so they were not "brand new" and the tags were wrinkled, which was true.  My mom's had them for at least a year.  So someone finally bought them for $14.00.  On Tuesday I get an "item not as described" message from them saying they're returning the pants because they were not new.

I'm sorry.  What?  I informed her that they were new and I wanted to say "because no one is stupid enough to walk around in pants with the bloody tags on", but I didn't.  I said I was sorry she wasn't happy and told her I would gladly take the return.  After my message, she opened a freaking case.  I've never had a case opened.  The people just send me the return and I give them their money (in her case, FOURTEEN DOLLARS, mind you) back.  She said I "raised a red flag" when I asked her to send the pants to my parent's house since we're going to be moving and I want to be sure they get to the right place.  I sent her a message explaining, as I had already explained to her, that there was no shady business going on and I didn't want the pants to get lost in the moving shuffle.  And then I cussed loudly at my computer.

So that's been my week.  I'm off work tomorrow because we're going to have a yard sale on Saturday since there is entirely too much crap in our house and I don't want to pack it when we move and I need to get it all together.  This will involve me indiscriminately throwing stuff into bags to take over to my parent's house that I will probably sell at the yard sale and then forget to take off eBay only to sell it on there sometime next week.  Because my life works like that.

On the bright side, everything is a go so far on the house buying front and we close on our first house on the 30th!  The owners are even putting a new roof on it.  I'm not the sort of person to use "blessed" as an adjective because I think God has more on his plate than our mortgage, but we are blessed to have gotten this house.


  1. Sounds like my week. Although I had an international buyer purchase a cookie jar for $30.00 then she opened a "haven't received my item" case against me because she REFUSED to pay her countries custom fees. eBay quickly closed the case in my favor but it was still annoying. I have been selling internationally for 6 years now and have never had an international buyer behave that way. Anyways sorry to hear about your week and congrats with the house.

  2. Stories like yours are why I can't bring myself to sell clothes. Nor do I sell international. I may not get as much for my items, but I have less problems. Congratulations on your house! That's so exciting!

  3. What a pain! I would be bugged by that. Hoping it gets resolved for you quickly. And I would for sure use the word "blessed." Something happening in your favor I'll take it and consider it a blessing any day! :)

  4. Some people are just stupid. Congrats on the new house!