Thursday, April 5, 2012


So I had big plans for my spring break week off.  I was going to list, list, list.  Here is why I can't do that:
I had taken some pics while she was napping and was trying to write a couple sentences real quick.  She was settled down with her baby piano game on the iPad (I know, I know...rotten), but once mommy started typing, all bets were off.

Saggin britches.

So tonight I listed five things, for a total of 160, which is the most I've had up in a while.  Yesterday and today have been slower than earlier this week (today was dead) and it turns out the woman doing our mortgage is a total airhead and didn't tell us we have to get her the downpayment on Monday, which we were $400 short on.  Guess who had $400 in her Paypal vacation account?  Me.  So now the vacation fund is back to zilch.  Oh well.  We shall persevere. 

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  1. Don't give up!! It will get better!

    Lisa @ happy Girl Collectibles