Saturday, April 21, 2012


I love to get rid of stuff.  I have zero sentimental attachment to anything.  I mean, I wouldn't sell my husband or child, but if the price was right, I could let mom go.  That's why selling bags of clothes and other items super cheap at our yard sale is so satisfying. 

I was taking stuff over to my parent's house yesterday when dad told me it was supposed to rain this morning (no rain so far, though!).  So, being the genius I am, I said "well, let's do some of it this afternoon!"  And we did.  We were not prepared and ended up being the annoying people who are digging stuff out of boxes while people are showing up, but we were "open" for about three hours and I got rid of a ton of baby clothes (fill a bag for $5.00....iknowright? crazy), knick-knacks that aren't selling on eBay, and some junk we just had sitting around serving no purpose.  I even remembered to take the stuff off eBay after I sold it!  Hooray!

I made a little over $100 yesterday, which I think is good considering it wasn't for very long.  Hopefully this morning will be hopping.  We went through more stuff and have a few more Sterilites full of junk to sell.  So, here's to having enough by the end of the day for a new, used dining room set!


  1. I love to get rid of stuff too. I always feel like we have too much stuff! We do an annual yard sale and I am really looking forward to it. I have boxes and boxes and boxes of my just starting out reselling, what was I thinking purchases to dump this year. I am also a HUGE fan of the bag sale! Great job in three hours!

  2. For some strange reason I have been selling a LOT of old stock in my store since January and I did not create new listings with them. Its been great. Incidentally, you are movie star pretty. You should consider a career in Hollywood. :)

  3. I am the same way! I can't wait for our annual sale at my mom's in 3 weeks! I have been grabbing things all week from around the house and I hope I have enought to maybe buy a new used couch soon! Hope today's sale went well!

  4. Well, I found a dining room table I love, but our consignment shop wants $700 for it! No. Way. So, we're still looking! Thanks, Anonymous...I think the closest I'll get to hollywood is if someone decides to make a reality show about eBayers! Which I would totally do, btw.