Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So, we've got a lot of stuff going on right now. Some trying-to-get-a-house stuff and I'm trying to get recertification stuff together for work. Of course, my almost two-week streak of nothing on eBay weighs heavily on my mind. When we REALLY need the extra cash flow, it is not there. Not even a trickle. I know if you've read my other posts, you're aware that I'm pretty fed up, but I'm basically done with it for awhile.

Of course, if I have a big selling streak one of these days, I'll be ready to jump back in with both feet, but I'm just going to leave what I have up right now and let it ride. I know that I should keep buying and just list, list, list, but it's hard to go spend money when you don't have anything coming in for your troubles.

I've stressed about it, I've poured over my listings, I've prayed, I've cried (really...I'm a crier), I've ranted and raved...I don't know what else to do.


  1. Do you think maybe it's just that time of year? After Christmas so no one is buying?

  2. Oh, I'm positive that's part of it. Suggest that to an eBay rep, though, and you get a hearty "this person is so stupid" chuckle. I just worry over my stuff not showing up when people search for it. When I asked the rep for someone technical to take a look at it, that got another scoff. Good times.

  3. Ok, you're going to think I'm nuts BUT I clicked over to your store and I see that you have a lot of titles in all caps. I had key words in all caps - NEW DISNEY Blah BLAH Blah - and I changed all my titles to include no 'all caps' words - New Disney Blah Blah Blah - and I swear it made a difference in the number of views and sales I made. Just did it at the end of last week and I've had 13 sales since then... the week before that was absolutely dead. It took time to edit all of them but I truely think it was worth it.

  4. Just found your blog today! I am adding you to my favorites! Dry spells really are difficult and make you question EVERYTHING you are doing. Hope things pick up for you soon! :)

  5. I heard somewhere, may have been on the ebay underground boards, that Google does not like words in all caps. I also clicked on your store and I thought some of your pictures were a bit fuzzy (the white skirt). Maybe if you can retake some photos so they are a little clearer. Are you having any viewings or are you in the black hole?

  6. Thanks for looking at my stuff and for the advice. I'm still totally novice level when it comes to pictures. And believe it or not, CindyLou, those ARE retakes! I'm taking a few pictures right now, so I'll try to fix the skirt, too. I don't have an optimal location for picture taking, so I'm trying to be creative (hence fleece background thrown over door). I feel very black hole-ish on SOME things, not all. I don't know...maybe it's just slow for me right now...I'm also doing away with all caps!

    1. Don't get discouraged! Just keep listing! I try to do at least one new listing a day! (I believe in the algorithm thought!)It is just slow this time of year!
      I struggle with the pictures also! Especially since I do most of my listing at night, getting great pictures is hard!
      Take a deep breath and keep on truckin!

  7. Hi!
    I'm Rebecca from over at the Late Night Coffee blog.I took a look at your listings and I think your items look great...good selection...good prices.

    Couple things...
    1)Everyone has dry spells. I have almost 2,000 things listed and a couple days with no sales. It happens.

    2)I sell nonfiction books too. Along with the title I try and put in as many related keywords that people would search for to find this(ie...that Americana in 1/12 scale could have miniatures*modeling*railroad) Good keywords are gold!

    3)The cap titles could play a role. You can easily edit all in minutes by going to the dashboard,open up your active listing list, select the ones you want to edit and click "edit selected". It will pull up your whole list and you can edit each title on each line and then click done for all of them. Minutes!

    Don't get discouraged. January can be a little bleak. But once the tax refunds start rolling in again....Voila! Sales!

    Hang in there! You can write me if you ever need help!

  8. Hi, I'm a newbie on ebay sales also. I had sold off and on for years but recently decided to go full time. It is hit and miss. It takes time to figure out what to buy, how to get the best photos and what to price things for. You will get the hang of it.
    And don't worry about the fleece over the door. That is almost the same thing I do, except I have lots of natural light to help. I have a wire over the top of the door hanger and I put an expansion shower rod on that and put my fabric, black or white, on the rod. Wider area to get better photos.
    I tweak something every day and wonder why I didn't see it the day before.
    Don't give up, you'll get there.

  9. Hi - can I make a tiny suggestion on one listing I saw? Those SAS shoes are a GREAT find and you can easily get $40 for a pair in good condition. You might try taking a picture of those on a neutral background...they sort of blend in with what they are on now and you want your photos to pop! Also - a few measurements on the shoes are always helpful.

    Don't be discouraged! It's a slower time of year. I try to list even just one thing a day! January is a slower month but it will start to pick up soon! The whole thing is a learning process. I've been listing in all caps for years and *now* I just see that it's hard for Google to read! Ack! :) Hang in there!

  10. ps...the name of those shoes are "Bounce." Find out style names and numbers for things like this to include in your listings - I think it helps tremendously!