Sunday, January 8, 2012

Things I bought

I can't title this "things I've sold" because I haven't sold a blasted thing this weekend.  Well, a Fenton cat, but that's about it.

Tyler and I went thrifting yesterday and I got some cool stuff.  I'm still having the problem of listing and getting 0 or 1 view.  I tried to look up information the Cassini project search thingy that eBay's implementing, but all I could find is this terrible powerpoint and some forums where people are complaining about it, but not really discussing what it is.  I'm really more offended by the powerpoint than anything else.  As a teacher, I am a master of powerpoint, and to see one done this badly by a major company leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

What I've learned is: apparently, it's bad for the little guy.  If someone would like to explain how, exactly, I would really appreciate it.

Here's some stuff I bought yesterday:
 One of our GWs has a Valentine's section!  This was the biggest plush they had.  He's 19", paid $2.97, have him up BIN for $17.99.
 I love Pooh!  I always buy anything Pooh.  This is a big throw, measuring 53"x49".  It's in pretty good shape.  Has obviously been washed a couple of times, but anyone who loves Pooh should love this.  Paid $3.97, started the auction at $11.99.
 After reading this article on Mysecretebaydiary, I specifically looked for pearl snap, western shirts.  This one was 1/2 off at GW and it's a size XXL.  Can you see how badly I need a male torso dress form thing?  I can't find any large sizes, though!  All I can find are skinny ones with six pack abs.  I am not buying shirts for those men.  Paid $2.17, up as BIN for $29.99
I have listed one old Spanish textbook before and it sold immediately.  I found this one for $1.00 at a thrift shop just down the street from GW and I couldn't pass it up.  It's very '50s with cool pictures and instruction.  BIN for $19.99.

I also bought a couple sets of mugs and some other clothes I'll post pictures of tomorrow.  My computer uploads the pictures to blogger so slloooowww, I figured I'd just do my favorites tonight. 

I think I'm going to start a sale tonight.  I'm not going to include my newest stuff, but I'm thinking maybe a little discount will motivate these people who have been watching some of my stuff for three or four weeks!

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