Saturday, January 21, 2012

...more like Storage Skirmish.

So, it was raining like crazy, but Tyler and I dropped the baby off at his parent's house and decided to brave the storage auction with $50.00 in our pockets, thinking that it wouldn't be very busy. We were wrong.

There were a lot of people there, and every person had a humongous umbrella. Some of us tried to band together to make one big umbrella tent, but that quickly fell apart and everyone just ended up poking everyone else.

I tried to scope out the folks there and see if I saw anyone who fit the personalities of the people on the show. Not really. There was "guy in Carhart that smokes Pall Malls", "Guy in Carhart that smokes Winstons", "60 year old woman and man in camo who wouldn't stop feeling each other up", and "three morons who keep yelling 'YUUUP'". Along with about 50 others.

The guy who owned the storage units was conducting the auction and was fussing at people to hurry up and look at the units or else "we'll be here all day!". Which I thought was kind of rude. The first locker had some storage containers and trash bags. Only a few people bid and it went for $80.00.

We were all herded like wet cattle to the next unit which literally had an old desk, some empty malt liquor 40s and three VHS tapes in it. I regret that we did not stay around to see how much it went for. No one mentioned it, so I wonder if it sold at all.

The third unit was one I really would have liked to go for if we had the money. There were lots of Sterilite containers and some boxes that were obviously labeled by a kid helping their parents move (one box was labeled "Dictioarys"). It went for $290.

There were six units up for auction, but by the fourth one, I was ready to go. Tyler wanted to walk by it, so we did, only to see a couple old Walmart kid's bikes, a particle board desk and tons of trash bags. There were still a lot of people left to look in it, and my jeans were soaked where the water had been absorbed up to my knees, so I begged Tyler to take me to McDonald's and we left.

Then we went to Goodwill and I found a few cool things.

The End.

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  1. A good reason to stay in and refresh craigslist.