Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sales and flea market finds

So, I wake up to snow.  I call our school's snow line.  2 hour delay.  Tyler gets up, takes the baby to daycare and I start to get ready.  As I'm getting dressed, I call again just for kicks.  Closed.  Never fails.  So I'm sitting here in full makeup, hair done (i.e. ponytail) and sweats.  Not that I'm complaining.  I just wish I hadn't wasted my foundation.  I'm running low.


Whew, it sure has been slow since Friday!  I'm hoping things will pick up, as I am excited to see how my first flea market items do!  Here are some sales:
 Remember this guy?  Picked him up a couple weeks ago at a local thrift shop for $.75.  I have three of them, he's my first one that sold for $9.99.  He's very small, 3" tall and .5" deep, but he's a little stash box and I think they're really cool.
 Doc Marten's, you are my best friend.  Tyler and I wanted to go to a flea market on Friday (well, I wanted to go and Tyler agreed to go along), so we left the baby with my parents and drove up to Kingsport.  It was closed.  So, we went to the Kingsport GW, which I'd never been to.  It's smaller and more depressing than ours, but I found these!  Women's size 8.5.  Paid $4.50, sold for $49.99.  Sweet!
I actually bought this J.Crew corduroy skirt for myself.  But it never got worn and it's a smidge too short for my liking, so I put it up and it sold quickly for $19.99, paid $2.75 at the Goodwill.

I've also sold a couple books for $5.99 here and there.  My magnets should be coming today and I am super pumped!

So, following the Kingsport flea market disappointment, mom and I went to another one in Bluff City on Saturday.  There is SO MUCH CRAP there.  The bummer?  The stalls that had the best stuff already had it priced at eBay prices, so I couldn't buy the things I wanted to, a)because I only had $20.00 on me and, b) No room for profit.  So, here's what I got:
 I really liked this dish.  It has a recipe for Blue Cheese dip and I thought it looked cool and vintage.  It was also only $2.00.  There are a couple completeds that didn't sell, but I've got mine up BIN for $23.00.
I've been reading to much about owls, I couldn't pass up these salt and pepper shakers.  They were also $2.00, and I tried to haggle down to $1.00, but the woman just looked at me like I was a moron and my mother gave me a speech on how that was "embarrassing".  Oh well.  Got them up as BIN for $13.99, which seems reasonable based on completeds.

I also got a pair of 8 oz Starbucks mugs, but it won't load the picture.  We'll see how this stuff does!  My computer's about to die and I didn't bring my charger home from work, so happy Tuesday, ya'll!

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  1. I know this is a long shot but do you still have the owls? I have the matching tooth pick holder. Shoot me an email at krzi1@yahoo.com thanks