Sunday, January 15, 2012

POSITIVE POST or Why I need to break down and buy a mannequin

No, I haven't sold anything, but the baby woke up too early and just went back to sleep, and Tyler's still snoozing, so I thought I'd use this time to show you the stuff I bought this weekend.  I made one trip to the GW on Friday and one trip to the Salvation Army yesterday.  Here's what $15.00 total bought me:

 This Northern Isles sweater was donated by mom.  It's really cute, but not my style.  It's new with tags and it retails for $79.99!  I have it listed for $49.99
 Since my yellow wool sweater sold so quickly a couple of weeks ago, I've been on the lookout for more wool.  Pendleton seems to do well, and this sweater vest was the only thing I could find.  It looks brand new, really, though I'm sure it's not.  I have it listed for $44.99 OBO.
This leather skirt is really nice. It's just a Jaclyn Smith by Kmart, but it is genuine leather. I have it listed for $32.99
This Polo sweater was hanging on the end of a rack at the Salvation Army, just waiting for me to come along and buy it!  I would keep it, but I can't really do turtlenecks, they drive me crazy.  BIN for $33.99.

This is an old Orvis 100% wool sweater vest.  It looks like it's never been worn.  I have it up as BIN for $29.99.

Well, I think I have officially cleaned my Salvation Army out of men's Polo shirts.  This is the only one I could find and I combed through each shirt in the men's section.  BIN for $17.99.
Greenwich men's 100% cashmere sweater vest in a size XXL.  It's obviously been worn a few times, but I would be violating my own chart if I didn't pick this up for $2.45.  I have it up for $39.99 OBO.  If this had been a normal smaller size, I wouldn't have priced it that high, but it's larger, so I figured I'd try my luck.

For most of these, I've draped a piece of fleece over one of our french doors and hung the sweaters in front of it.  It's a pain in the butt and I really need to just order a stupid mannequin torso, already.  They're priced pretty reasonably on eBay, but the shipping is always so much and they all seem to come in such small sizes!  Oh, well.  Maybe once I start making some money again...whenever that is...

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  1. Looks like you found some great things! Hopefully this weekend will me a great one in sales!