Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seller Sourcebook

This week has been one of my suckiest so far.  I don't know if people are in shock over their credit card bills or what, but I need a friggin sale!  I've sold a couple things here and there, but it's been pretty depressing lately.

I signed up with Seller Sourcebook today.  I only did the month to month for $8.00 thing.  I've listed a couple of things on there today.  I'm not wild about it yet.  It's a bit cumbersome.  There's a lot of instructions and things to click and it makes me a little confused sometimes. 

I'm actually officially out of things to list.  I have 116 items up.  I guess I'll have to hit the thrift stores this weekend.  I actually really liked wondering around the flea markets last weekend, so maybe Tyler and I can do that Saturday morning.  If anything exciting happens, I'll be sure to discuss.

UPDATE: Still no sales and I hate Seller's Sourcebook.


  1. I haven't ventured into the seller sourcebook arena yet. I know others swear by it but I'm ok w/not using it right now. I have around 170 items in my store and I've had 5-6 sales this week. Slow.

    In addition to your flea mkts, be sure to check for estate sales also. There's a site for it, I'm not affiliated or anything but I'm a frequent user. Go to and enter your zip to see if there are any sales in your area.

  2. Yeah, I'm really not crazy about it. I feel like when my old stuff ends, I need to go over there and copy and paste the listing just so I can have a stupid border around it, and I'm just far too lazy for that. I actually went to that website and there's nothing listed in my area! We live in the middle of squat. Hope both our sales pick up!

  3. Maggie, I hated ssb for probably the first 2 months that i had it. It is cumbersome and comes with a definite learning curve, but i eventually got the hang of if and now wouldn't list without it.

  4. I also hated SSB at first--fighting with the Preferences, but their customer svc is top-rate, emailing me back within minutes, walking me thru stuff I couldn't figure out. I LOVE the fact I can list tons of photos without extra fees, and scheduling listings when I want w/out fees too. Once you do get all the listings over there, then it's easy-peasy: find a similar listing, hit 'Sell Similar' and just change a few words/measurements/shipping info, an that's it...I love it now.

  5. I am totally dreading trying to move listings over. I'm just redoing them as they end.