Monday, January 16, 2012

Another plan.

So, last week I tried doing a sale that that didn't work and I suppressed my hatred of talking to people over the phone by calling eBay and that didn't work. So, I was lurking around the eBay underground forum and saw where someone was complaining about low views. Someone else looked at the OP's listings and said "people don't search for the word 'beautiful' very often". Well, guess who's put crap like that in all her recent listing titles?*

Action plan for today (which hopefully I'm able to do. It's a teacher workday and I just need to put grades in, then I should be free):
1) print out a screen shot of the stuff I'm selling from the active items page
2)search for similar items and organize the completeds from highest price first
3)find a similar one that sold for a good amount and see how THEIR titles look
4)make my titles look like that

I might not do it for everything...I mean, 128 things is a lot to revise in a day...but I'm definitely going to do it with stuff that I feel SHOULD be getting more views.

But, I was thinking about it this morning and you know...I feel confident in most of my merchandise, I'm trying really hard to make my listings look nice, I'm editing photos and not taking them in front of my couch anymore...I'm doing the best I can, and I should be happy with that.

*it's me, in case you were wondering


  1. I remember Yard Sale Mommy did a tutorial about listing titles so I learned early on to only put key search words in the title rather than descriptive words which was so helpful. When Ebay periodically offers the free subtitle section I'll put descriptive words there.

  2. Sometimes it's a sweater is black, should you put "black"? Maybe someone is looking for a black sweater in particular? I mean, I definitely wouldn't put "beige", but I know I would put "pink". Where's the line between a key word and a descriptor? I understand "beautiful" is descriptive and I've never gone to eBay and searched "beautiful sweater". But I HAVE searched "pink sweater". Sigh...this is all too existential.