Saturday, January 21, 2012

Handful of solds

This week has still been depressing, but way less so than last week.  I'm taking everyone's advice and just trying to make things look nicer and be more succinct with my titles.  Here's what's sold:

Men's 100% Cashmere sweater vest.  I had it as $39.99 OBO, then I got frustrated and just put everything in my store on sale 20%, so it was $31.99, but I accepted an offer of $19.99 out of pure desperation.  Paid $2.75.

Unmarked pink milk glass urn/candy dish.  It really is a very pretty piece and I had it up for $40.00 OBO and got an offer for $30.00, again, immediately accepted out of desperation.  But then I got a message from the buyer saying she appreciated me accepting her offer and she's been looking for this for forever, so that made me feel good.  Mom donated this to my "hoard" as she calls it. 

I scooped this See 'n Say up at Salvation Army in December, thinking it was a sure thing...I mean, it's Mickey, right?  Completeds didn't look promising...if they sold at all, it was for around $9.99.  I paid $1.99 for it, but I listed it as BIN for $19.99 with free shipping just to see.  It sold yesterday, so yay!

I sold a couple pair of shoes (super worn Merrells and some Bjorndal clogs) for $15.99 each and a couple of books.  I'm hoping this weekend is big.  I have this lot of GI Joes and accessories up for auction and it's been pretty popular with the views. 
I found them while I was cleaning up the office where I want to starting sorting all my eBay stuff.  I'm tired of it taking over the dining room.  Tyler found these when he was helping his dad clean out the garage and they've just been chilling in the office since July. 

I cleaned up because Tyler and I were planning on going to a storage auction today, but it's POURING so I don't know if we'll brave it.  If we do, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!


  1. Hopefully this means the ball has started rolling for you and more is on the way! Are you on eBay Underground? One of the suggestions there is to put your store on a short vacation (hour to a couple of hours, some folks have done a day or more). For some reason, once you bring your store off of vacation, it helps your items be visible again in eBay search.

  2. I just did it. I was thinking about it, but your comment made me go for it. I'll turn it off in a little while and see what happens! Thanks!

  3. I can't wait to hear about the storage auction! Hey that is a good sale on the See N Say considering it doesn't have the old time string. Have a great day!