Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blogger, I'm going to punch you in the face.

This is my 997th time trying to post this stupid thing. I would have given up but Tyler's watching the Hokies game and I'm not tired enough to go to bed yet. The pictures keep doing crazy things. Hopefully this works because I will not restart this post.

SO I went to the yard sale down the street today, run by a mom of some friends of ours (I also teach her second youngest...she's had a lot of kids). I knew there would be toys. I did not know they would be covered in frost from being left out overnight and I did not grasp how cold it was before I left the house. Here's what I bought before my hands went completely numb:

Thumper has some special Disney store badge sewn onto his leg, making me think he was special. One sold for $16.99 so that's what I listed mine for. Paid $.50. Please ignore the stupid time stamp. My camera broke last weekend so I've had to borrow one from my parents, who never bothered to set it and I'm too lazy. Hopefully people don't really think I took these pics four years ago.

Care Bears checkers. Completeds aren't too impressive, but I threw in a Cozy Heart penguin to sweeten the deal. Listed as BIN OBO for $19.99, paid $1.00 total.

This is Rudolph from the movie. When you wring his neck his nose lights up and he plays a nightmarish version of "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer". BIN $19.99. Paid $.50

1981 18" Garfield plush. If he had on an "I hate Mondays" shirt, I'd be good, but he doesn't, so we'll have to see how he does at $24.99 and free shipping. Paid $.50.

My first Build A Bear clothes lot! I was pretty pumped about this. I put this as an auction starting at $9.99.

Also picked up a couple of nice blazers. Went to our other GW later and got some dreadful men's wool pants by Christian Dior and some more Allen Edmond's loafers. I will list the Christian Dior pretty cheap just to bring in customers who search for the high-end stuff. If you see something that's a big name brand in presentable condition, buy it simply for the traffic the name will generate. Hopefully, these high-rollers will look through your store for more stuff and buy some of your crap awesome stuff!

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