Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finals and stuff.

This week's been OK and so far, I've managed to meet my goal of $33.00/day. This doesn't mean I've consistently sold that much every day, but it averages out to about that. This week I've unloaded:

*An Old Navy plus size jacket I've had FOREVER - paid $4.50, sold for $9.99. Bleh.
*A map of DC from 1957 that was in my parent's house when we moved in - paid 0, sold for $27.99
*Russ piggy bank we got at a shower - paid 0, sold for $17.99
*Denim jacket I've owned forever - paid ?, sold for $6.99
*Footprints by Birkenstock shoes - paid $4.50, sold for $30.79
*Large print Mere Christianity book - paid probably $1.00, sold for $10.99
*True Religion mini skirt - paid $3.00, I think, sold for $27.99
*Garfield plush from last week's yard sale - paid $.50, sold for $24.99
And some other stuff.

I currently have 103 things listed, none of which are very exciting. I've got a Stromberg Carlsson rotary phone that I'm surprised hasn't been snatched up yet and TWO Revere Ware tea kettles. One's been sitting around for a couple of months have the other's been up for three weeks. They sell well when I look at completeds, so I don't know why mine are gathering dust.

Tyler got me an excellent new camera since ours died due to an unfortunate pudding incident involving our offspring. It's a Panasonic Lumix and it's apparently "smart" which is good because I am totally dumb when it comes to taking pictures. The only bad thing? I have no new stock to take pictures of! We're going to Sears for family Christmas pics and I figure I'll sneak out to Goodwill afterwards or maybe we'll make it a family affair since one of our GW's is right next to the depends on how happy the baby is.

I've also got to do some shopping for another baby...not ours but there's a family of three kids, one of which goes to the middle school, who are being raised by their grandma and she doesn't have enough to give them a good Christmas. When I heard that she had a 3-month-old girl, I told our guidance counselor that I would just do all of the baby stuff. Addy's got piles of presents and the thought of a little baby having a bad first Christmas makes me want to punch a hole in the wall (unexpected reaction? yes, but justified). So I've got to get thee to a TJMaxx and get her some clothes and toys! This also gives me an excuse to buy those Huggies Santa diapers Tyler won't let me get for Addy (we subscribe to Amazon diaper delivery and don't need any but COME ON). Haha!

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