Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Hangover, sales and a BOLO

Ugh.  Baby's still sick.  Having a child be sick on their first Christmas is the definition of mommy torture.  You've planned this day since last Christmas, imagining the way her eyes will light up with every present, how she'll play with the boxes, the way she'll squeal with delight when she realizes mommy and daddy don't have anywhere to put her new toys.  You don't picture her throwing up the night before or having to take a break during present-opening to take a nap or her trying to play but then just plopping down resignedly and yelling for her mama.  It's heart-breaking.

Our Christmas was good, though.  We seriously have approximately 20 toys too many and I must buy a cube storage thing at Target today.  I'm going with my mother-and-sister-in-law at 8:30 to fight people for leftover wrapping paper.  I also need to get some Tupperware containers for my eBay crap.  Between that stuff and her toys, we're totally drowning over here. 

You know, I had some auctions ending yesterday and I was nervous about them.  They were potentially high-dollar items and I wanted to get everything out of them that I could, and I think I did!  Here's what I sold:

 All of this stuff was stuff we already owned.  Tyler bought these P90X DVDs a couple years ago, and we used them, just not very much.  None of them are scratched and somehow I managed not to lose any of them.  I didn't think they'd go very high without the guidebooks, but they ended at $102 + free shipping and the buyer's already paid!  Also, if you just find one of the DVDs, some of them can go alone for a very good price.  Check out the Ab Ripper X disc by itself!
Ever since baby was born, we've not even turned the Wii on.  It's taking up space and the cords hang down off the mantel where the TV is and Addy just tries to play with them.  $118 + $51 shipping to Brazil.  Buyer hasn't paid yet, but it just ended last night around 9.
I really didn't think these would be so popular.  They've been opened, but we bought them while I was preggo and have only watched the first season.  Between Once Upon a Time and Dexter, we simply don't have time for this, even though Bryan Cranston is basically brilliant.  $26.00 + free shipping.

BoLo: So baby's currently sleeping and I was thinking of ways to make room for all her new stuff.  I realized our bookshelf upstairs has a ton of books on it that she'll probably never get into (mainly mine and Tyler's old books), so I started looking up highest selling single Golden Books.  While we do not have this one, it's definitely something you should keep an eye out for!  I was also looking up Sega Genesis games, which Tyler has a few of from back in the day and while we don't have this one, either...holy cow!  Keep your eyes peeled for Musha!

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