Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sick and tired

I'm sick. I don't know what it is, but I feel like crap. Also, baby has decided not to sleep in her crib. I guess it's from where she was sick and we let her sleep with us when she wouldn't go back to sleep last week. We don't have what it takes to let her cry it out, but it's easy to get frustrated. She slept with us for about three hours last night.
She has no problem sleeping in her crib during naps, so it's weird that she freaks out at night.
Anyway. I have several things to pack, but my ribs and back are so sore from coughing that just the thought of it makes me tired. The person who bought my Wii on Sunday finally paid.  So here's some other stuff I sold:
 I actually bought this cardigan for me for $1.00 at a rich people yard sale.  It was 100% shetland wool and I couldn't wear it for longer than 2 minutes without wanting to tear my skin off.  So I put it up $40.00 OBO and it sold within 12 hours for $30.00.  Not bad.
Good Lord, this is a dreadful picture.  I take better pictures than this now.  This is from August.  They finally sold for $29.99.  They're Allen Edmond's.
This is one of those sales that reminds me that I'm an idiot sometimes.  I really liked this coat and it fit me and so I kind of wanted to keep it.  It's Ralph Lauren and I paid $1.00 for it.  I figured people would really want this, so I did an auction at $.99 with the option to BIN for $29.99.  Well, it sold it for a lousy $2.00.  I should have just kept it.

Mom donated some Fenton cats to me yesterday, so I have those up for varying prices.  I'll talk about them later....getting weak...urgh...

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  1. Wish I would have seen that coat..I would have bid..very nice.

    Hope you feel better soon!