Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Great Strawberry Shortcake mug screw-up

So, Tuesday baby wouldn't take a nap.  Now I know she was working on getting some heinous virus that put us in the ER last night when she woke up with a fever of 105.  She's much better now, although no one could really tell us what it was.  They thought maybe it was a urinary tract infection, but they didn't want to cath her (thank God), so they sent us home with instructions to alternate Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours and start her on Amoxocillin if it didn't get better in 24 hours.  That was our Wednesday night.

But I digress.

On Tuesday I decided "you know what would be fun?  If I took her around some of the antique stores downtown.  Maybe I'll find some Christmas gifts and she can look at stuff."  She loves to look at stuff. 

We went into one that has a TON of cool stuff, old toys, McCoy mugs, old books...just full of stuff.  Most of it is priced at what I would sell it for, so it's not anything I could make much money off of.  But, lo!  One thing made me stop in my tracks.  A Fire King Strawberry Shortcake mug from 1983.  It was $8.50, but I've read so much about Fire King advertising mugs selling for a ton, so I scooped it up, thinking "oh, boy!  I'm going to make some money!"  Baby was getting fussy, so I paid and we came home.  While she was asleep, I checked completeds.  I was extremely dissapointed.

So now I'm drinking my coffee out of it exclusively, just to get my money's worth.  I didn't even LIKE Strawberry Shortcake growing up. 

Weird thing?  The coffee from it has a faint aftertaste of failure.

Moral: Get a smartphone.  I just got a new one today from Virgin.  It's an LG Optimus V and the first thing I put on there was the Droid eBay app.


  1. I need a Smartphone too...but I've got 3 months left on my contract w/ Sprint...and service has been terrible where I live in Seattle too, so now I've been drooling over all the smartphones on sale & wondering if I should do contract or non-contract... How did you decide? Virgin seems good, but they use Sprint...I've always wondered if it's our 'free' phones (LG rumor touch)we got that's the real problem, not Sprint. What do you think so far of Virgin?? And you gotta get the Cha-Ching App I've heard about, when you make a sale off eBay!

  2. Deeda, with virgin, we are saving over $50 a month, even with both of us using data! The plans with AT&T were too many minutes for us. We had like 3000 rollover minutes! And it's the same anywhere you go. We just don't need that many. I had virgin when I was in college and liked it, so we just went with that. I thought about getting the rumor touch for virgin, but the reviews weren't so great, so it may just be your phone. The Optimus V is awesome! Check the coverage on virgin's website and if it's good, I'd definitely go with them!

  3. I found this same mug at a salvation army store a few weeks back for $.39 and thought for sure I'd hit a big find but alas, nope it's become my daughters hot chocolate mug now lol!