Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Moral dillema and recents.

Do you know what is weird?  When you have something listed and it's had no interest at all, and then BOOM major interest.  I had this Thumper doll up for a couple of weeks, no watchers, nothing.  Then last night I got a message asking if I'd take $10.50 for it.  I didn't have it OBO, but I changed the price and was getting ready to message the buyer back when it sold before I was done writing to them and the buyer paid immediately.  I figured it was the people who had contacted me, so I didn't think anything of it.  THEN I get a message an hour later saying "did you accept our offer?"  and I was like "crap".  I told them I thought they had been the ones that bought it and apologized for the mix-up, thinking that was that.  THEN they messaged me back saying "oh could you tell the other buyer you lowered the price for us and send us the invoice?"



I messaged them back and explained that the buyer had already paid and I didn't want to cancel the transaction.  I was expecting an angry message when I got up this morning, but there was nothing.  Whew.  I'm really bad at confrontation, even online.  I'm pretty sure I did the right thing.

Anywhooo...I sold my ugly Golf postage stamp shirt I talked about in yesterday's post and it went to Italy today for $24.99 + $28.00 shipping.  People be crazy.

I also shipped out Thumper and a pair of Michael Kors plus sized pants I thought were a "sure thing" that took up closet space for over a month.  Today's been uneventful.  I have some auctions up that are doing well, though.  I'll talk about them next week, once they end.  Because I'm a genius and have them ending on Christmas.

Today I had to go to the mall and buy my sister in law a birthday present.  There's a newer thrift shop across from the mall called "Lend A Paw", henceforth known as LAP that I've only been in once.  My mom was watching my feverish baby (sad face), so I went in and got this stuff:

This was one of those "interesting factor" items for me.  My instinct sucks, folks, as I will explain in tomorrow's post "The Great Strawberry Shortcake Mug Screw-up".  Sometimes, however, I am very good at picking out weird stuff (see Golf postage stamp sweater).  I actually bought three of these little boxes, but I haven't taken a pic of the third one.  They are what those who lead alternative lifestyles would refer to as "stash boxes", or what us on the straight-and-narrow would call "places to hide your pot".  They're about 3" long and 1/2" deep, ceramic, very vintage looking.  I'm doing them separately BIN for $9.99.  The guy sold them to me for $.75 each instead of the $1.00 marked on them.
This was in a torn plastic wrapper.  I flipped through the pages to see if they had been written in, because I thought it was like an exercise book and journal or something.  They were brand new, so I got them for $2.00.  I got home and looked through them again, and it's about living with cancer and it's got worksheets to write down your appointments and treatments and stuff.  It made me sad.  It also made me wonder how to write a title and description.  I thought "LIVESTRONG GUIDEBOOK AND JOURNAL, INFORMATION ON CANCER NEW!" would be a bit off-putting, so I didn't do my usual all-caps title and left all of the "awesomes" and "!!" out of my description.  BIN $13.99

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  1. Your LiveStrong books remind me of when I listed an Alcoholics Anon. book that I bought at a library sale. Can't really make that a 'fluffy' listing. There was a ton of interest in that book and it sold quickly.