Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Salvation Army Love and WTH is this, blogger?

So I made the huge mistake of clicking on the "new blogger interface" button and now it sucks more than normal.  Anyway.

So I had $20.00 burning a hole in my pocket yesterday and decided to visit the Salvation Army, which I haven't been to in a long time.  Ours is pretty much crammed full of stuff and it's really depressing, so I avoid it.  Also they only take cash or local checks and who carries cash and checks around anymore?  But, I'm glad I didn't avoid it yesterday!  Apparently the rich folk in our town take their unwanted stuff to the SA and not the GW.  No housewares or books to speak of, but I got lots of neat stuff.  Observe:

These were in "Santa's Workshop", a small closet outside of the store where they put stuff that was NIP or still had tags.  I paid $3.00 each and come home to find that they individually sell for about $5.00 a pop.  Lame.  I put them up together at auction starting at $10.00.  It was one of those things where, if I hadn't gotten them, I would've always been wondering (well, at least until I checked completeds).

 Boy's snow boots by Cabela's in a size 1.  They have a removable liner.  Also, shoes at my SA are only like $1.75 and they look great.  I put them as BIN for $14.99 I think.
Women's Laredo leather lace-up boots.  They're the dreaded size 6.5, which I can't unload for the life of me, but they look really nice, so I couldn't pass them up.
This is so ugly, I really couldn't NOT get it.  It's by Cotton Traders and it's an XLT.  I put it up for BIN $24.99
Polo Golf sweater size XXL.  It's actually in pretty good shape.  It's already got a bid for $12.99.

I also got an XXL Polo shirt for men.  It's weird, but I love buying XL and up men's clothes.  I especially love finding Polo "big shirts".  I got one of those, too, but it had some weird stain so I Oxycleaned it and I need to takes pics of it today.  I have women's plus size stuff that sits around forever, but I've had pretty good luck with my larger men's items.  Go figure.  I'll definitely be going back to my SA soon!

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