Sunday, February 26, 2012

Goals part 546

Hey, here's a good goal:  sell something!  Weekends always suck, but I will wake up every Saturday morning thinking "I feel some good sales today!" and I will always be wrong.

February is slightly better than January, but March better start getting it's act together because I've finally settled on a goal.

Tybee Island, GA was mine and Tyler's first vacation together.  It is small, relaxed and slighty quirky.  You should go!  But not while I'm there because I like it uncrowded.  We loved it so much we went back the next year and got married there.  Look, here we are:

Anyway, we also went the following year when I was just barely pregant with Addy Mae.  Which really wasn't that relaxing because our New-To-Us Subaru decided to crap out on us the minute we got there and our dads had to tow the Jeep down so we could enjoy our vacation (our dads are awesome). 

Last year, I was so pumped to take our little baby to "our beach", but having a baby takes a lot of money! (Who knew, amiright?)  So, we didn't get to go.  Which was really heartbreaking since Tybee means so much to us.

We plan to go this year, but I really hate when vacations put a financial struggle on you.  I mean, if you have to watch every penny you spend, then what's the bloody point?  That's no vacation, my friend.

So my goal is to get some vague amount of money together.  At least enough to stay a couple of extra days if we wanted to, or to spend a night somewhere swank in Savannah.  We'll probably go in early June to avoid the major hotness.  I'll have to crunch some numbers and get back with the total I would want to have.

Hopefully I don't have to refund any of those glass things I mailed last week, because that would suck.


  1. Hope you make it to your goal. My weekends suck sale wise too. I never get any sales on the weekend Plus I have 3 buyers who have not paid yet. An unpaid item case opened on one and the other buyer wrote me saying he was waiting for a transfer into his paypal account and should be able to pay on the 27 We shall see

  2. Hi Maggie! I found your blog through The Ebay Thrifter and thought it serendipitous that I'm from SWVA and now live in Savannah...not to mention share your interest in thrifting & Ebay. Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you that if you make it to Tybee this year you *MUST* find time to hit some SAV area thrifts. They are awesome! The GW closest to Tybee can definitely be a real treasure trove. Hit me up if you need any hints about the off the beaten path SAV thrifts, I think I know 'em all ;)

    PS -- I would totally offer you our guest apartment to save ya some $$$, but 1) we totally don't know each other and that would be pretty stalker-ish and weird, and 2) it's kinda full of ebay inventory and furniture flippin' projects in the works anyway :D