Friday, February 3, 2012

Hmph. And a Personal Challenge!

Well, no sales today, but Friday is never good to me. You would think that since Friday is pay day to a lot of people it wouldn't be so slow, but apparently people don't rush on to eBay once they cash those checks. Go figure.

So, here's installment #326 of "why I need to quit my job":

Me: *giving an EXCELLENT presentation on viruses and related disease with lots of cool, gross pictures* - I'm serious, I got mad PowerPoint skillz.
Student: *does not raise hand* "I need to go to the bathroom!"
Me: "You need to raise your hand when I'm speaking and you can go to the bathroom after the lesson."
Student: *string of mumbled complaints and eyerolling*
Another student: "Chill, dude."
Student: "This class is f___ing boring."
Me: "Leave."


How was your day?

Anyway, we're flat bloody broke this week. Our heating bill was off the chain and we're left with a whole bunch of nothin this weekend. So, there will be no thrifting for me. My challenge to myself is this - I have about 130 things listed. I want to get up to 140 by Monday or Tuesday. I need to do this for free. This means I will be scouring through rubbermaids, ransacking my parent's house and digging through closets to see what I can come up with gratis. I will be posting pics of my found treasures as I list! Wheee for bein po'.


    I totally understand being flat bloody broke
    that's been my life everyday since I lost my newspaper job a few years ago.
    It's a real challenge to thrift for resell when every penny goes out to pay bills but it can be done.
    I bet you can find all kinds of free/donated items from family and friends closets.

    So, sending you hugs and prayers that lots of great resale items find their way to you.

    P.S. I love your blog and look forward to each new post.
    Kym at

  2. Keep plugging away. I try to stay around 100...I"ve been in the 60s all week. So, next week I need to be listing too. Have you tried a sale? Don't get discouraged. Sorry about your job..I think there is nothing worse then going to a job you hate..ugg. Do you have budget billing on your utilities? That helps in the dead of winter..although it stinks to pay higher bills in the summer when it would be cheap.

  3. Fridays always seem to be slower for me. Although this week altogether has just plain stunk. I finally sold a few things this afternoon with some auctions ending. But even with 300 items in my store I was still hearing crickets. Boooo. Looking forward to seeing how you get creative with this one, you can do it! (and good for you for kicking that kid out - that was rude.)

  4. Kym, thank you so much! I really appreciate it and hope you have a great weekend!
    Kim, we have that option with out utility company and last winter we were all like "yeah, we're totally going to sign up for that". And then we didn't.
    Kristen, I always thought that more items = more sales, but that hasn't happened for me yet. Though, it feels like I'll never get to 300! I'm glad that some of your auctions sold!

  5. Don't forget to keep your eye on freecyle!