Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spend it all in one place.

So, we're still broke this week, but we've filed taxes and hopefully our return will help us get back on our feet.  Mom let me borrow $20.00 (I mean, what am I? 16?) so I went where I could get the most bang for my buck, the Salvation Army.

I filled my cart up with stuff and sifted through it at the end and wound up spending $19.15!  Whoo.  Here are the things I bought.  These are their stories.

So, when you first walk in to the SA, there's two big bins of plush and broken toys.  This guy was on the top.  I pounced on him.  He's by Steven Smith and he's a Grateful Dead Dancing Bear.  If you have a tag on them, they can go for about $64.00.  I've got him BIN for $45.00
There were 43 of these Pocket Classics in a shoe box and I wanted them.  When I first looked at them, the two right up front were Sherlock Holmes.  I have an unhealthy obsession with the Holmes and Watson duo and I knew they were meant for me.  But I was NOT going to pay .49 a piece and I was not going to split them up.  As I was browsing the men's suits, they announed that all children's books were now $0.10 a piece.  I ran back there and almost knocked a kid over. These were obviously a classroom set, but I have them up for $29.99 OBO...I kept the two Holmes books for myself.
I was browsing through the dresses and fell in love with this wool jumper.  It's just so fun and retro.  It's 100% wool by Herman Geist.  Completeds aren't that impressive for his sweaters and whatnot, but I've had some interest already at BIN for $29.99
So many people have been blogging about long denim skirts.  I have one of my mom's old ones up and have 3 watchers, but no bites yet.  But I saw this dress and saw that it's by my old pal Ralph Lauren, so I picked it up.  BIN $29.99
Ok, I am not sure about these jeans.  They say they are Levi's 505.  I have some questions on the authenticity, but everything I look up about them says they're real.  The red tab is blank, which is apparently OK.  My biggest problem is that there is no tag on the inside waist band.  There's a tag near the pocket that says Levi's and the size (a very skinny 29x30), but I'm still unsure.  I went ahead and listed them and in the listing, I included all the points that vouch for their authenticity.  BIN OBO for $39.99.
Check this guy out!  He's HUGE, 11" tall, ceramic and weighs a ton.  It's a piggy bank and an owl, so I had to get it.  Paid $3.99 up for BIN OBO $34.99.

My sales are still yucky, but hopefully my $19.15 pays off!


  1. love the owl. I would have passed by that bear Now I will look more closely at plush. I had a demin dress similiar to that one when I was a teen. I loved that dress

  2. Three sales in three weeks. Fell into the sale black hole. Should I set my inventory on fire?

  3. Oh, that totally sucks. I've read that February really isn't better than January for sales, and so far it's definitely true. Apparently things pick back up in March. If it doesn't, we can both set our stuff on fire.

  4. You are hilarious Maggie! I love reading your blog.

  5. LOL. Fun finds!! TFS. My husband would love for you to come set mine on fire..selling or not ;)

  6. Maggie, a heads up on your Levis...true...they are older Levis...the white paper tag w/red print tells me that...but 505's have to be really, really old or very special to be sought after. And if they are gray will be a slow the small size waist 29 is a hard sell... It is the Levi 501-buttonfly that collectors look for and pay big bucks for...and 505's have a straight leg, they are not tapered. 505 is the same cut as a 501 only with a zipper-fly. and the blank red tab is not rare at all...quite common on Levi jeans. try doing completed searches on eBay for 501...then 505's Levis...and you will see what I mean!

  7. I didn't think I would make a lot on them, but they were just $1.75, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I was going at it from the mind-set that maybe since they are so small, they would get snatched up (kind of like really big sizes do). I know that 501's are where it's at, if only I could find some of those! Thank you for the tips. I actually thought of your advice on Tina's blog when I was doing research on them!

  8. When looking at the little red tabs...if it is spelled out
    LEVI with a "Big E" ... they are hot items for collectors. you will notice that typically it is spelled Levi, with a little "e". also "selvedge" Levis is complicated...but you can Google it and learn more. also search completeds on eBay... if 505's are selvedge and Big E they can be worth quite a lot!

  9. I think you got some great stuff for twenty bucks! I love the owl!!