Monday, February 6, 2012


Well, I haven't had any sales to speak of since Friday and I've got two returns on the way, totalling about $60.00 worth of merchandise. One is a skirt that I said was new, because it is, but the buyer very nicely told me she thought it looked worn. Well, I bought it new and I've never worn it, so I don't know what one qualifies as "worn", but whatever.

Another return are those stupid red SAS shoes I've had forever. The woman who bought them thought they might fit her wider foot, but they didn't. So I've got those beautiful things coming back to me. Whoo.

On the bright side, neither of these are hostile returns, so that's something to be thankful for. Hope your week is going better than mine!

Oh, more thing.

Also, looking for some advice. I have two pairs of Allen Edmond's shoes and a few other things up that I need to take new pictures for. I was going to do this tonight, but Addy is constipated and most of the evening was spent using a 5mL syringe to get prune juice in her (I am not kidding and it was a ridiculous experience). They have had 1 or 2 watchers for over two months, so I'm beginning to think the person(s) have forgotten they're even watching the items and they're not getting much in the way of views.

Here's my question: when I take the new pictures, should I just end the listing and do a "sell similar"? Or should I just stick new pictures in there and let it ride? My head says "end it and sell similar", but I just wanted to ask if anyone thinks this will help. Thanks!


  1. I always end an item and sell similar. I can't tell you how many items sell for me within days of relisting it as a "sell similar." I think it bumps it up in the search engines as ebay sees it as new instead of old inventory. Hope this makes sense. Bummer on the returns. I had one woman tell me that a pair of TH velvet pants (size 10) were for sure mens. Ok, because last time I checked mens velvet pants were hot and no longer being measured in a waistxlength manner. Dumb.

  2. LOL people be crazy. That's what I thought about the Sell similar. I think that's what I'll do. Thanks!

  3. Don't struggle with prune juice. I have used pear juice with great success.(its the sugar in the juice) My 4yr old had problems when he was younger. hth sorry to be off topic

  4. End and sell similar. The ebay search algorithm supposedly is geared towards that instead of a relisted item.

  5. I was going to say Pear juice too! I think the little plastic containers of fruit work as well.