Tuesday, February 28, 2012


As you guys know, I've hit a wall when it comes to the old profession.  So, today, while my glorious angels were writing a creative essay (we have to do one in every class, every grading period) about what they would do if they lost one of their senses (we're studying the neurological system), I was trying to make a resume.  Here's what I got:
Obviously edited to deter crazy internet weirdos.

Poetry?  I can write it.  Short stories?  Done.  Essays?  No problem, fool.  Resumes?  Not so much.

Does having terrible eBay sales count as a skill?

So now, some eBay news:


I don't have any.  This past week has been "buy stuff and then don't pay and don't respond to communication" week.  I've dealt with this twice.  My auctions are doing well.  I sold a lot of 5 of Tyler's Old Navy polos he won't wear for a whopping $12.82 and I have these up for auction right now:

Probably paid a total of $4.00 for all four pieces.  They're each a little over a yard.  The Looney Tunes have a bid at $9.99 with five watchers and Garfield has one bid of $7.99 with five watchers, too so maybe I'll get a little from those.  I always buy character fabric and last weekend, our Goodwill had all of these, which made me happy.  It may not go for much, but I know it's a sure thing and I'll take that any time.

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