Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quick Howdy

Hey, how's it going?  I'm still sick.  I've been sick for approximately three months now and it'll get better for a couple of days and then it comes back.  At approximately 5:13 pm this afternoon I was attacked by a severe sore throat.  Tyler seems to be appreciative of my silence.

This week is still being annoyingly slow on the sales front.  Here's some of what I've gotten rid of so far:
I talked about these Jhane Barnes sweaters last week, I think.  I probably paid $15.00 total for six sweaters and I've only sold two so far for about $70.00 total, which is a pretty sweet profit margin.  I have watchers on my others.
This pillow was $.50 at a local thrift store.  Sold this morning for $24.99 and free shipping.

This is a sweet pair of shoes.  Nine West "Haldir" boot, looked brand new at the GW.  Paid $4.50, sold for $39.99.  I will only buy Nine West shoes if they look brand new.

I've also sold a few books here and there.  Nothing Earth-shattering, but there ya go.  Hope your sales are going well!

Now I'm going to go chug some NyQuil and go to bed.

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  1. My sales were slow this week as well. Missed my goal by $50 (unless I get some sales before midnight tonight), but I was over by $50 the previous it's all good. Glad you were finally able to get some sales up. Looks like good ones at that!