Saturday, February 4, 2012

Protect ya neck.

Since I'm broke, I was going to go through my parent's LP and tape collection today. My local thrift stores have no shortage of LPs, either, so I've always meant to take a gander at completeds. From clicking through pages of them, I take from it that unless it's a sealed Beatles or Zeppelin, or unless it's "first press" of some obscure 80's punk band with a crazy cover, you better check it out on an eBay app before you buy it.

But cassettes are what blew my mind. Look at this. And this. And this. Don't forget to click here.

I mean, let's be honest here, if you were glancing through tapes at a yard sale or thrift store (and do we very often? No.), would you pick up one from some obscure rapper from the early '90's? Or an old Wu Tang tape? Heck no. But now you know!

I'm pretty sure my parents don't have any unknown rapper demo tapes. And all of my old ones are likely to be Ace of Base singles, not Eminem. Dang!


  1. Seriously Maggie, thanks for the heads up. I'm cleaning out all that kind of junk and would have never thought to list any of it. Good job.

    I've been selling quite a few little vinyl character toy figures lately.

  2. Wow! who'd a thunk it?
    I would just pass right by those.
    May have to take a closer look-see
    at some punk music from now on...thanks for the heads up.
    By the way,love the photo of your precious baby girl and her birthday cake.

  3. I used to sell on Amazon, and probably about 5 years ago I sold the cassette for the Saved by the Bell soundtrack for like 30 or 40 dollars. I was shocked!

  4. Wow! good to know about the cassettes! I have found some success with Christmas CD's.