Thursday, February 2, 2012

One Week??

Good Lord, where have I been? An overview of the past six days:

Baby sick, baby sicker, baby still sick, mommy sick, mommy REALLY sick (on baby's birthday), mommy and baby feeling better.

It's funny because for the past few weeks I've been obsessing about eBay and this week, I could really care less. It's one of those times when packing stuff to ship out is just a pain instead of money in the bank. Granted, I'm not snubbing my nose at the money in the bank...I'm just being a bum.

My sales have been normal for me this past week. Today was especially good, even though I only sold 3 things, they were for a total of about $100.00. It was from some Asics track cleats, some Nine West shoes and a new, in package California Raisins shower curtain from 1988.

So, I think I have a new BOLO that I've never seen mentioned on anyone's blog before. First, some background info. I've been curious about "Cosby" sweaters for a while, because my thrift stores have no short supply of ugly men's sweaters. So on Saturday I searched for "Cosby Sweaters". The brand I came up with was Coogi, which is apparently what he wore on the show. I mean, check out those completeds!

I went to Goodwill on Sunday with that in mind, but figuring I wouldn't find any. I didn't. But what I did find was a brand of equally tacky sweaters by Jhane Barnes. Now, completeds won't look very promising, but my experience with it so far as been really good. I bought two, thinking "we'll see". I listed the two and one sold within 12 hours. Well, there around 4 others there and they were the 1/2 off color, so I sent Tyler back for the rest. They are all listed and several have watchers.
I mean...check this out. Listed as $37.99 + Free shipping

This is the one that's already sold for $39.99 + free shipping

Just listed this last night for $37.99 + free shipping. Lots of interest. I believe my listing says something tragic like "makes me think of a proud male peacock showing off his feathers" (GAG)

I haven't listed this yet because this is the only decent picture I can get of it. It's a mock turtleneck and this picture makes me think of one of those 3D puzzle posters where you have to cross your eyes to see the picture.

There's a couple more that I've got to put up, too.

So, that's what I've been up to. I still have a sore throat (which I can't figure out if it's from being sick or yelling at 7th graders all day), but I was puking and really sore all over, so at least that's over with. Hope you guys have had a great week!

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