Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goal update

85 listings.

We've had a setback. While hunting for some espresso cups Tyler bought at the GW a couple weeks ago, we realized our upstairs bathroom drain pipe that runs through our dining room closet (why?) has a giant crack in it. No inventory got wet, but most of Tyler's tools did and some of our winter coats. So now our dining room is in more disarray than usual, and our landlord (who is decidedly NOT a plumber) is probably going to come to town to stick Mighty Putty in it so he doesn't have to pay someone to fix it properly.

We didn't find the cups.

1 comment:

  1. WTG on the listings. Your doing great to get to 100. I've been working hard on mine as well. I've had some store items fall off this week and I've had a great amount of sales, so I doubt I'll get to my 75. Bummer on the LL. Here's to hoping he has to pay someone to do it right. Like the new background.