Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Too much.

There is simply too much stuff to do. Between working and being a mommy, listing (and especially shipping) has started to pile up on me. It's been a really stressful couple of days. I do have 61 things listed, which is something, I suppose. I imagined that once I opened a store, my views would skyrocket, if not my actual sales, but I feel like they really haven't. I'm kind of left wondering why I opened one in the first place. I guess I'll just give it time.

I felt sort of lost without my usual "stuff" this weekend, so I took the baby to Goodwill on Sunday and was excited to find some Star Wars stuff. eBay is promoting the release of the whole Star Wars series on Blu Ray, so I thought I'd capitalize on that. I also made sure to pick up Star Wars books at the book sales this weekend, no takers so far.

This pretty much sold immediately. I paid $8.99 for it, and it sold overnight for $19.99.

Star Wars curtains. I listed them as either curtains or crafting fabric, starting the bid at what I paid for them which was $7.97. They've been bid on with three watchers so far.

I got a few other things, for a whopping total of $34.99, which is the most I've ever spent at Goodwill before. We'll see if I can make it back!


  1. I always have a few items in my store for .99 cents. 7 day auctions. I call them loss leaders. The .99 items brings people in to see what other great items I have. I also price some items really high and then have sales and that brings people in as well.

  2. Thanks! Excellent advice! I'm doing that now.

  3. Do you ship from home? I swear by shipping from home. I didn't start doing it till this year and it is great. Granted I don't work outside the home, so I get my packages ready in the morning and my mailman picks up by 11.

    Good finds on the Star Wars items!