Sunday, September 11, 2011

What am I supposed to do with all this?

What...I'm supposed to sell this stuff? All of this stuff? And I have to take pictures of it individually? Hm. You think I could just post this picture for all of my books and say "Oh, it's the third one down in that middle pile. You can't see it, but it's in real good shape." The two flat boxes are harlequin romances. They were $5.00 a box and sell relatively well (people really like the Blaze series, which is apparently raunchy. Of course, I didn't grab one of those boxes because my intuition is crappy). Upon looking up completeds for my other books, I realize I should have just bought a few more flats of romances. Except the old man who was checking me out when I bought these kept cracking jokes about them.

I've done about 10 new books listings since I opened my store last night. When I'm not trying to figure out the nicest way to say "this book is old", I'm dealing with a teething baby.

Since she's been so fussy and can't seem to tell me why, I took her for a walk this morning and went to my parent's house (they're like five blocks from us, a blessing and a curse). Mom's trying to pawn her Mary Higgins Clark books off on me.

I know. You're thinking, this child is adorable and looks so happy. How could it be that she's been fussy for about 14 hours straight? Well, it's true.
So there.


  1. When I first started buying to resell on Ebay, I dabbled in romance books. They can be profitable. Then I bought this HUGE lot from this lady..2-3 hundred for $5. I had no motivation to list finally just sold thm on CL to get them out of my garage and to shut my hubbie up. There are books in money..just not sure I have what it takes. Keep posting about reading it.

    Oh, and I'm so glad I'm past that stage :)

  2. Thanks! Listing them really isn't that hard and one thing I love about having a store is not having to pay extra for extra pictures so I can simply show if the covers have any damage, but it's time consuming for sure!

  3. Yes, love the extra pictures. For people who sell alot of clothes, I think it would be worth it for that alone.