Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yard Sale Tales: 9/3/11 edition

So yesterday was OK. No toys to be had, but I did find lots of clothes, a few books and the cool mugs I was after. Behold:
This is a Stromberg Carlson rotary phone. It's sold for as much as $49.99! I figure it was a good investment for $2.00
Ceramic mugs made in Japan. Buddy, if you ever find tiki mugs like this (ugly, right?) you'd be crazy not to get them. Listed auction style for $9.99, paid about $.75 cents for them.

1970's Adlib game. I guess it was Scrabble's predecessor. No completeds on this, and I haven't listed it yet, but all the pieces are there and the box is in great condition. I'm taking suggestions on how to list it, so holla at me if you have any clue.

I picked up some men's Polo shirts, a few primitive style posters and Tyler got a sweet Timex vintage kitchen clock, a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes and some Fire King mugs. We'll see how these things do!


  1. I don't know how to list the Adlib game, but I just sold Scrabble tiles I picked up for $1 for $9 at auction. You could always sell the letters that way if nothing else.

  2. You are so good at listing. I'm great at buying but then my inventory sits in the crawlspace :-/

  3. I live in constant fear of being labeled a "hoarder". I want this stuff out of my house as quickly as possible. Plus we don't have much house to store it in!

  4. Great finds. Hopefully you'll have a good turnaround!

  5. I agree with Amanda - you seem to do a great job at getting things listed right away! In fact, being impressed by that has actually been motivating me to get my stuff listed in a more timely fashion.

    Is anyone else having a busy holiday weekend, eBay-wise? I've had 5 BINs today - which is a LOT for me! Added to a couple sales from yesterday, and I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of shipping I need to prepare until my husband reminded me it's Labor Day weekend, and the mail won't be going anywhere on Monday.

  6. I have had steady sales all weekend, which is wonderful! I have 4 things to ship and 3 I'm still waiting for payment on. I've also had a fair amount of bidders! As far as listing goes, one of our parents usually watches the baby when we go yard saleing, when we get home, I pretty much immediately check the stuff, clean it and take pics before we go pick her up. During nap times and after Addy's gone to bed, I just sit down and crank out some listings. Sometimes stuff does just sit around, though, which I hate!